#LeMillRecommends: The Best Indian TV Shows To Stream

With Netflix and Amazon Prime Originals blowing up in India, directors and writers have had the opportunity to get experimental with their TV shows. Looser censorship online translates to bolder storytelling that is only going to get better. Here are the newest TV shows on the block, now available for streaming (in no particular order).


Patal Lok


Amazon Prime’s latest Crime Thriller, Patal Lok has taken social media by storm. A serial killer, a journalist, scandalous affairs and a dark web of unsolved crimes, check out the series that became an overnight sensation.



An Amazon Prime Original, Afsos is a dark comedy about a young, depressed writer, who stumbles across a service,that will finally help him attain his deepest desires: suicide. The show presents a meaningful portrayal of mental health issues, isolation, inner fears, aspirations and all that it means to be human, with an unabashed, irreverent sense of humor. Provocative and certified fresh.



Another Prime Original, Panchayat follows the journey of a recent Engineering grad who ends up taking a job offer as Secretary in a ‘Panchayat’ office in a tiny village in Uttar Pradesh. Hilarious and down-to-earth, the show keeps it real, acknowledging the inherent bias that lives in the urban writers of the show.




A Zee5 original, Kaafir (starring Dia Mirza), follows the journey of a journalist in Kashmir, trying to uncover the truth about an alleged militant, held prisoner. I can’t give you spoilers so I’ll let you watch the show and take your own judgement call.


Hostel Daze

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Yet another Prime Original, Hostel Daze is a lighthearted comedy, this show follows the misadventures of four college kids living in an engineering hostel. A homegrown coming of age tv show about engineering students trying to be smooth? We’re on board.



 Yes, you guessed right, Mirzapur is a Prime Original. Mirzapur is a Crime Thriller, that follows the story of the Mirzapur mafia and his family. If you liked Gangs of Wasseypur, you’ll enjoy this.


State of Siege 26/11

A Zee5 Original, State of Seige 26/11, is a grounded portrayal of a wound we still haven’t healed from. Well written, well acted and layered, the show reminds us to take a closer look at a dark memory and strangely enough, it is a reminder of our resilience.



tv shows, netflix, Indian, Streaming, Asur

A Voot original, Asur is a Crime/Thriller about a serial killer. It explores the paradoxical relationship between Indian mythology and modern science, starring Arshad Wasi. Worth a watch for a left of centre thriller.