A Day in the Life of Natasha Khurana

If there’s one thing to understand by Natasha Khurana’s brand of design at The Line, it’s that the aesthetic demonstrates the very brain behind the skill. It’s all about quiet sophistication that is very much in line (no pun intended) with the fashion codes of today. 


Natasha’s advent into jewellery began while working on glossy pages of magazines, unorthodox in its nature as compared to a more traditional pathway. It reflects in the attitude of her jewellery, which can only be defined as practical, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. Based in New Delhi, her modern staples are worn and appreciated by women who see The Line’s jewellery as not just a decorative item but something that brings forth character. 

1. What was the idea behind starting The Line? How did you find your connection with jewellery? 

I fell in love with gemstones, they’re so beautiful just as they are! And I wanted to be able to carry that beauty with me every day. 

2. The first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Check my phone obviously!

3. What is the most productive time of the day for you?

Until lunchtime, and then it’s downhill. 

4. A healthy life habit you are proud of? 

My yoga practice. 

5. Where do you seek inspiration?

In the zeitgeist. 

6. Describe The Line in 3 words. 

Wearable. Accessible. Unfussy. 

7. What is the first thing you look for when creating a collection?

Possibly a particular stash of gems that showed up on my table on a given day. 


Rainbow Initial Pendant on Figaro Chain and Pop Hearts Necklace

8. What does a day at the office look like?

Buying, clients, production, and some very boring admin. 

9. Name 3 things you can’t go without in lockdown. 

Family, wi-fi, soap! 

10. A typical self-care ritual for you is like?

Singing my guts out in the car/shower.  

11. Jewellery staples you love to wear? 

Our sculpted ring always- a solitary chunk of gold. And our hoops mixed up in shapes and sizes. I haven’t been able to take off the “Elongated Hoops” all year. 




12. A new year resolution you made? 

To get on the mat every day. 

13. If you had to take up a new off-the-clock hobby, what would it be? 

To paint.

14. A typical weekend for you is..

Spending time with my family.


15. Describe your personal style.

Lots of black, and white. Clean shapes. A good shoe. 

16. The perfect way to end a work day?

Having ticked-off all my to-do’s, but one can only dream!

Natasha’s contemporary fine jewellery label- The Line is available to shop at Le Mill. To check out their pieces, click here