#LeMillRecommends: Top Holiday Spots This Winter

The world is now serving options to celebrate the ending of a tumultuous year as select borders open to welcome the throngs of people again. Take your pick from ski lodges, lagoons in the tropics or party islands, we’ve found the best places to holiday this winter. 

While summer holidays were a big question mark for some, when countries fluctuated between lockdowns and restrictions, a new window of opportunity now stands for those who have taken the shots, and the cherry-on-top is not having to quarantine in any of these places. 

Here are our favourite spots that come alive during the winter, each offering stark contrasts in weather and ensuing festivities. Till these year-end holidays last, consider a holiday experience as close to normal as possible. 

Kitzbühel, Austria

Think fluffy snow-covered landscapes and hot springs in this tiny place in Austria, which has opened its gates to tourists to enjoy the festivities of Christmas. The upper region of the country offers several popular ski resorts that will satisfy your snow fantasies and give you a taste of the seasonal sport. Don’t forget to indulge yourself with some mulled wine while you’re there, but if you’re new to Austria’s treasures, Kitzbühel is the “it” destination serving all these activities with fantastic views. 


Mykonos, Greece

There’s never a bad time to visit Greece, the ultimate hotspot for party-goers which had been out of bounds for Indian citizens for more than 20 months. Having welcomed Indian tourists again starting December, it is the perfect time to grab the opportunity to live a little on the party island of Mykonos and its sister islands. With their relaxed restrictions and controlled Covid outbreak, the islands are surprisingly a safe bet for vacationing. 



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Dubai, UAE

The getaway destination of 2021 has been Dubai ever since restrictions eased in September this year. Weddings, bachelorettes, birthdays–– it’s been the go-to destination for it all, and we can see that year-end celebrations in this skyscraper-filled city will most assuredly be on a big scale. If you’re looking for a big entrance into the new year, this is the place to be. 


Aspen, US

Another popular destination now entertaining tourists is Aspen in Colorado, the American answer to winter sports. With ski lodges, ski lifts and bars, the area is the perfect snow-covered destination to indulge yourself this winter. The area offers more freedom of movement for tourists, unlike other holiday spots in the States. 


Koh Libong, Thailand 

Shopping binge and easy weather with some great sights to see, Phuket could be the spot for you to enjoy just pampering yourself to end the years’ worth of rollercoaster rides that was life in lockdown and out. The subtropical islands are open to greet all Indian tourists, with options to explore the city or take a gander into Koh Libong– an iconic place to view if you love to adventure into the wilderness. 


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