#VocalForLocal: Party At My Table

Eeshaan Kashyap’s dream dinner guests include a Duchess, mythical creatures and flying lobsters. Le Mill spoke to the imaginative designer on keeping things interesting.

Party at my Table, Eeshaan Kashyap

Some people are meant to guide the rest of us towards the finer things in life. Eeshaan Kashyap is definitely one of them. A multi-disciplinary artist whose work traverses from food styling and consulting to curating restaurant design, Kashyap is a man who builds worlds you want to immerse yourself in. His latest collection titled ‘Magical Realism’ celebrates objets d’art and decor pieces for tablescaping have the perfect blend of boldness with a touch of whimsy to them.

Party at my Table, Eeshaan Kashyap

When your life’s work is directed towards bringing together the best of times, it’s only natural you’ve dreamt of the right elements for an unforgettable night. Eeshaan Kashyap shares with Le Mill his list of dream dinner guests.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Party at my Table, Eeshaan Kashyap, Sarah Jessica Parker

The perfect partner to share my aperitivo over a cosmopolitan with. We have feathers, hats, interesting fashion and of course the love of shoes and Manolo Blahniks in common. I will wear my Oscar de la Renta brooch in Carrie’s honor.

The Lover

Party at my Table, Eeshaan Kashyap, the lover

A figment of all our imaginations, someone who will be charming, seductive and attentive. This fantasy guest will be different for everyone and can be a hazy mythical creature who adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the evening and gives you butterflies in the stomach. Someone to dream about when you are waking up with your hangover.

Salvador Dalí

Party at my Table, Eeshaan Kashyap, Salvador Dali

Surrealism is my favourite genre of visual art and who better to learn from than the master himself. I have visited Salvador Dalí house in Spain and would like to discuss his sources of inspiration and what he dreams about. On the menu for Monsieur Dalí, is a singing fish, a flying lobster and a funny chicken.

Dries Van Noten

Party at my Table, Eeshaan Kashyap, Dries Van Noten

The courage to blend patterns, botanical prints, colours and textures boldly, without hesitation has always made Dries van Noten  my fashion favourite. The fact that he does it so effortlessly always amazes me. I will of course be wearing my Dries jacket for dinner.

Wallis Simpson

Party at my Table, Eeshaan Kashyap, Wallis Simpson

The stories that Mrs Simpson will have to tell. From meeting Schiaparelli, to what perfume the Queen wore! From commissioned jewels to a whirlwind romance. I want to hear about it all, including the secrets that haven’t been documented in books!

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