Quarantine Dreaming #2

As the country opens up again, we can’t wait to make the most of our newfound freedom (while maintaining social distancing guidelines ofcourse). But dreaming without restraint is still allowed, so here are a few things  we are looking forward to that we didn’t think we would miss:


Fighting with our siblings in real life as opposed to Zoom. Yes, we still wrestle as adults.

Dinner parties with friends where we all begin the night with, “just one drink” but end up several bottles down and asleep in a pile on the couch.
Reading at the coffee shop. Few afternoons are as special as reading or writing anonymous in a coffee shop with a cold brew. Reading on your own couch gets old.
We hear the ocean in our sleep. We can’t wait to breathe in fresh sea air even if a dip isn’t possible yet.

Spending hours laying on our mama’s lap, because no matter how old you get, or how much you fight, sometimes, only mother’s can make things right.

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Dressing up for a party with your girlfriends. We don’t even care about the party, it’s the pre-party that’s fun!