Quarantine Dreaming with Team Le Mill

It’s Lockdown day we-don’t-know-anymore and while it’s important that we all remind ourselves that this is for our collective safety, it’s okay to be nostalgic for certain things that make us feel more human. Hopefully, it’ll make us more grateful for the things we have. What are your strangest desires, what have you been longing for during Lockdown? The Le Mill team share theirs, tell us what you relate to most!


Call my barber and ask him to move into my guest bed room so he can’t ever leave me. God knows I need regular haircuts!


 Dress up to go out instead of dressing up in my house.


Go buy a bottle of Corona, the beer, not the virus.


 Travel… down the road to my best friends house.


Let our shopping carts overflow on our favourite e-commerce websites (hint: Le Mill)  guilt free because we’ll be able to take our freshly delivered clothes for a walk.


Stop cooking because there’s no need to share it on social anymore.


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Can’t wait to feel more like a woman – let’s start with getting those eyebrows fixed.

Wear a dress on instagram rather than a pillow.


Have a professional make me a cappuccino, instead of myself.


Take a break from motherhood and send kids to playschool.