Rain, Man: A Monsoon Shop

Monsoon Shop, Le Mill India, Le Mill Living, Pop Up Shop, One Amazing Thing

A lush box keeps a louche bust that’s watched over by two coiled cobras. We sailed around the country to arrive here, to embark on this green box island, to tame the gold serpents so that we can be the first ones to claim it. Is this what Columbus felt like?

Discovery and drama define the first edition of A Monsoon Shop, Le Mill Living’s first ever pop-up shop in collaboration with One Amazing Thing. Shop it here.

This six week monsoon shop arrives with its own microclimate of marvellous things - crockery, linens, soaps, antiques and tchotchkes - and if the humidity on our virtual island makes your hair frizz, there’s something you can buy for that too.

Let’s Do It Like They Do On Discovery Channel 

The team spent many nights sourcing the best crockery, ceramics, cradles, candles, coco milk oil; swings, soaps, shampoos, sheets, statues and more to fit under one umbrella. The result is this eclectic curation, online until September 23, 2020.

We’ve tapped into slow movement crockery guerrillas Kara Sabi, Terravida and A Clay Story, who took several lifetimes to make the ceramic box vase, fruit plate and intricate mushroom bowl we picked. We visited Ahmedabad to bring you Dotto, whose standing brass and wood mirrors will call for serious reflections; as well as P.O.D, a brand that only builds luxurious swings, including a rattan crib that will make you want to procreate stat. Congratulations, it’s a toy!

Monsoon Shop, Le Mill India, Le Mill Living, Pop Up Shop, One Amazing Thing

If like us, you’ve been craving snacky shopping, check out our selection of handmade soaps by Clintskin, body polishes by Krbn, fluoride-free toothpaste by Arata and organic detergents by Common Oxen. Call of the Valley’s precious oils (we love the avocado version, with fruit all the way from a farm in Crete), are an indulgence you deserve right now; as are creamy 100% linen white sheets from the newly launched Saphed.

Meanwhile, hand poured soy wax Doft and Nitara candles stand by, waiting to be lit. Even when it rains the flames don't go out, because A Monsoon Shop edit is strong - you know it, baby.

Monsoon Shop, Le Mill India, Le Mill Living, Pop Up Shop, One Amazing Thing

Celebrating stormy weather are Americano x Rayden crockery (broth pourer and snack bowls), darker than your darkest thoughts; Tachi’s brass barware with more éclat than lightning; and Kol, which uses bamboo to build not shelters but the cutest baby walkers and folding hangers.

Mic (Rain) Drop 

But the best place to start your shopping journey is with a glass bust from Raw Mango, who also offers brass brooches - amazing gifts - as well as larger special objects that you should snap up for yourself.

Welcome. We hope you brought your credit card - and a raincoat.


This blog post is guest edited by @Hello_Bpb.