Riding Solo: Women’s Travel Groups

Sometimes all we need is a hassle-free getaway only to come back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. The season of adventure is always round the corner but sometimes planning, coordination, and gathering the girls can seem like an arduous task.

Imagine taking the break of your dreams completely stress-free? 

We’ve found the solution to your holiday-bug problems: travel groups. Planning a trip has been easier and with these women travel groups, all you need is your own company and the zest to explore new places.

We’ve curated a list of all-female travel groups that focus on organizing safe, enjoyable travel experiences.

The WOW (Women on Wanderlust) Club

Riding Solo: Women’s Travel Groups

A community that inspires women to travel solo but along with the security that group travel provides, The WOW Club provides experiences across 50 destinations both in India and internationally. From Camping under the stars in Ladakh to wine tasting in Bordeaux, there’s an experience for everyone.

Women On Clouds

Riding Solo: Women’s Travel Groups

Looking to make new friends or just need some independence, Women on Clouds focuses on providing solo travellers with options to fit their budget. Their free-spirited outlook makes every trip they plan a memorable one.

F5 Escapes

Riding Solo: Women’s Travel Groups

F5 Escapes is an experiential travel company providing hand-crafted itineraries to women who want personalization. Focusing on travel within India specifically, they also have curated itineraries with a vast variety of activities to choose from depending on the type of getaway you’re in the mood for.

Wandering Jane

Riding Solo: Women’s Travel Groups

The perfect trip does exist and Wandering Jane is here to give you just that. With the option of exploring your experience by interests, choosing the perfect holiday has never been this easy… but for those who like living on the edge a little more, picking the activity furthest from your comfort zone could also be a memorable experience!


Riding Solo: Women’s Travel Groups

Bringing together female solo travellers, Jugni makes the process of traveling by yourself a seamless, enjoyable experience without being too fussed about safety, logistics and planning. They encourage solo-trips and curate experiences in a group that focus on maintaining an independent vibe, but with the option of interacting with peers too.


Riding Solo: Women’s Travel Groups

With the vision of creating a change in women’s mindsets of not being able to travel solo, WOVoyage is a travel company aimed at providing females with expertly created packages.

Day trips, half-day tours, longer duration travels or even weekend getaways, they have a wide variety of options to choose from with detailed itineraries ensuring everything gets covered in each location!

Wander Womaniya

Riding Solo: Women’s Travel Groups

Like-minded individuals come together to explore the world with Wander Womaniya, as they encourage travel across continents keeping the utmost safety as a priority throughout. With multiple options in a large variety of countries, there are escapades for all interests and passions.