Save your skin

To be the image of glamour and style during the party season is something everyone aspires to. Who here hasn’t thought they’d be ahead of the stock and look photogenic every moment of the season? Best-laid plans are however meant to fail and despite your best intentions, you are likely to fail. But to keep your beauty woes at a minimum, we spoke to two experts who can help you from lacklustre to glam with easy-to-follow advice and remedies.

Glow from Within by Dr Kiran Lohiya, Cosmetologist

“There’s invariably so many parties–people eat junk food, drink, they party, don’t get enough sleep or water. All of these things add up and make your skin dull. To add to it, the pollution makes your skin irritable, and makes you prone to blackheads–all of it is toxic to your skin. All of these things come in the way of you having clear glowing skin during the festive season.

Glow from Within by Dr Kiran Lohiya

“I always recommend people look into their diet during the festive season, taking a power nap when you can, and eating light throughout the day. Avoid mixers with your drinks–don’t drink too much! Have a lot of water. N-acetylcysteine supplements which are antioxidants can help prevent t hangover and reduce the oxidative effects of alcohol.

“IV drips are good for those crazy nights and for hydration if you’re not able to get the required 3-4 litres of water a day in. Another thing is facials that help remove the effects of pollution like Bliss–which helps reduce dullness. Another great option is the Elixir Hydrafacial if you tend to get blackheads. You can get these treatments even a day before an event or a part.”

Glow from Within by Dr Kiran Lohiya

Glam face on by Mitesh Rajani, celebrity Make-up Artist and hair stylist

“Festive looks are all about looking glowy and fresh–and skincare plays an important role but with eye makeup somehow, kohl or a darker eye works best with festive looks and that’s what people do. What I enjoy is the browns, going with a light smoky eye, using clean sheer colours. I like tightening the eye with a little bit of kohl but not smudging it too much with a good amount of mascara. My favourite is the Shiseido eyeliner. I also love Kajal pencils from Dior and Chanel.

Glam face on by Mitesh Rajani

“In terms of lipcolour, nudes are what I enjoy but one colour I like if you are going for nude eyes is tangerine. You can also go for a pink with a blue undertone if that complements your outfit better. That’s pretty much what you need for a festive look–a bright lip and a smokey eye that’s not very dark–more in the space of a brown. You can also try a reverse liner and do a slightly smokey under eye and keep the top lids more translucent and shimmery.”