Self-care Secrets to Follow in 2022

As we commence a new chapter with new goals and ambitions to achieve, self-care becomes an integral part of our everyday lives. While self-care may have seemed different two years ago with mani-pedi appointments or taking a stroll in the park, it has changed to fit into our new indoor lifestyle. To rediscover what self-care can look like in the present, we got in touch with three women whose lives revolve around the premise of health interconnected with beauty and lifestyle qualities to give their expert views. Meet Shagun Khanna, beauty and lifestyle influencer and jury member at Vogue India Beauty Awards 2019, Award-winning aesthetician Dr Kiran Sethi, integrative nutritionist and health coach Neha Ranglani, as they redefine self-care for 2022. 


1. One philosophy you’d like to stick to this year?

Shagun Khanna: Philosophy for life and a constant reminder– stay real, stay you. It’s hard to stick with, but equally important, especially during these testing times. To be connected with oneself is key to get ourselves through this! 

Dr Kiran Sethi: To do my skincare routine regularly, even when I am too tired, and to look for preventative care with diet and exercise. Meditation, stress reduction and any treatments as needed.

Neha Ranglani: It’s to live in the moment. To be more present and mindful about where I am and what I’m doing, while planning for the future and taking my actions day on day to get to my goals and achieve my dreams.  


2. Your 3 ultimate self-care tips to follow in 2022? 

Shagun Khanna: One would be to invest in listening to your body and mind, a lot starts from there. Start slow, one action at a time. And three, talk about it! The more you talk, the more the thought stays alive and is likely to get converted into action.

Dr Kiran Sethi: Everyone can look at reducing the sugar in their diet, sugar leads to advanced glycation end products causing the skin to be thicker, darker, and age rapidly. It also causes acne! Eat regular meals and drink water, and avoid late-night meals. Also wear sunblock no matter what!

Neha Ranglani: Breathwork – I think it’s very underrated, breathing well and breathing deeply and consciously. The more you breathe, the more you centre yourself and the better decisions you make, improving your quality of life. Another is meditation- just starting with two minutes of meditation and building from there should be non-negotiable. And the third would be, movement. It could be anything that makes you jump out of the bed to do it, from taking the stairs to dance lessons for instance. 


3. What do you think a self-care regimen should definitely include? 

Shagun Khanna: Self-care, ideally, can be defined and designed only by you. To put it simply, it’s what makes your body and soul happy. I like to designate a day or two every week for things that matter to me– my skin, hair, and mental wellness. So my regimen revolves around the three - going for a facial/DIY skin and hair care, spending time with my pets or my favourite book, and even trying out new beauty care products.

Dr Kiran Sethi: It should include a step-by-step process to care for your skin that can start with a great cleanser for your skin type, a serum for your concerns or for protecting the skin, a moisturiser for your skin’s needs and a sunblock! The sun causes 70% of the signs of aging and most pigmentation. 

Neha Ranglani: It should definitely include one activity for the mind and one activity for the body. We need to align both of them, so doing something to calm your mind, to be more still, to be more relaxed and deal with your situations well, that’s a very important part to starting a self-care regime. It could be exercise like yoga or something like a face mask– anything that makes you feel that you’re making time to do something for yourself, I think for me these two things are very important.