#VocalForLocal: Shine On

Fine jewellery for the longest was contained to be enjoyed only on special occasions. But the recent years have seen a shift in that behaviour both in consumers and designers. This has naturally shaped the path for the future of jewellery coming from Indian talent to be even more exciting. Le Mill will be hosting a fine jewellery pop up featuring names like Ananya Fine Jewellery, Estaa, Simsum Fine Jewelry, Sajjante Fine Jewellery, Shachee and Sapna Mehta.

Simsum Fine Jewellery

Simsum Fine Jewelry

"We've been hosting our jewellery pop-up for over five years now, and every year we try to bring something unique for customers. Like this year, Sajjante is launching their pret collection with us. Every year when we sit to curate this edit, we're thinking of pieces that go beyond just your festive wear. We bring styles that can be paired with anything in your wardrobe - staying relevant even after the festive season,” says Cecilia Morelli, co-founder of Le Mill.

Sajjante Fine Jewellery

Sajjante Fine Jewellery

This unique pop-up brings together a mix of names that marry contemporary aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship, have unique storytelling powers and more importantly fit into an urban wardrobe without being compartmentalised into traditional or contemporary. Deepika Gehani, a senior public relations executive in the industry shared her insights on this shift. “It’s all about what you need for yourself, what you are going to wear and what you are going to wear on yourself all the time. It’s like investing in a watch–when you are investigating in a watch, you don’t buy it to save it for special occasions, you have that watch on you all the time. The Gen-Z are looking for jewellery through the same perspective. They are global citizens, and prefer pieces that are easy to travel with, not something very traditional,” shares.

Gehani adds that many customers are shopping for gifting. “They are looking for pieces that fit a certain budget but can also be personalised in some form. And lot of the shoppers from younger generations are shopping for their own selves with their own income. They have the mindset and authority to buy what they want without being too influenced by anyone else. I think they are really assertive about their taste.”

Simsum Fine Jewellery and Sapna Mehta Jewellery

Simsum Fine Jewelry and Sapna Mehta Jewellery

Priyanka Parkash, jewellery editor echoes this sentiment. “Younger jewellery buyers are definitely leaning into pieces that are wearable everyday, including the festive season,” she tells us. Her style tips for the season? “Allow for one piece to have its moment, delicate beauty needs no layering. A pair of high top earrings is a stunning option for when there’s heavy embellishment or intricate work around the neckline. Pick thin bangles or bracelets that complement the colours and motifs of your outfit. Consider mixing and matching delicate bangles with a few statement pieces to keep it interesting,” she shares. Don’t get hassled with overdoing the shine. Increase the intensity commensurate to your personal style. “If your blouse has a deep or wide neck - a “less is more” delicate diamond necklace does the job. A little sparkle goes a long way. Rings are always a great way to effortlessly add glam. If you usually wear just one ring, consider adding a few more delicate pieces to your other fingers to dress up your hands.”

Sajjante Fine Jewellery

Sajjante Fine Jewellery

To shop 'Everything is Illuminated', Le Mill's jewellery pop-up, drop by our store in Colaba.