Six for your Christmas Fix

The real holiday guide you’ve been waiting for. The right movie for the right mood is a whole analysis-paralysis dilemma. While you countdown this Christmas week, we came through with a run-down of movies to pick and choose from, for every type of binger.


The One Away from Home

Christmas, Movie

A tropical exit strategy gone wrong, Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon star in a relatable and honest story about families and all the embarrassment they thrust onto their off-springs, naturally. Forced to visit four homes on one eventful Christmas day, this one’s a laugh-riot sure to make you long for yours. Definitely an addition to your top-5 binge list.


Santa’s Spokesperson

Christmas, Movie

For the one who dons Christmas jammies and waltzes about the house, hoping for their very own Christmas miracle. It’s A Wonderful Life explores the impact of each life and the importance of kindness in a community, leaving you grabbing at tissues- owning its place as cult classic. Watch it and then watch it again but never be disappointed.


The One Searching for The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas, Movie

Pay It Forward is not essentially a Christmas movie but has everything the holidays should inspire. A movement led by a young boy out to make a difference, this film is a commentary on society and the sense of invincibility that comes with innocence and unfiltered intention.


The Fuzzy

Christmas, Movie

A warmth-inducing picture with a gorgeous cast, what more do you want? Set in scenic Surrey and home of Hollywood- Los Angeles, The Holiday was made for a true romantic. Add unexpected friendships and finding yourself, and you have yourself a self-present with a bow on top.


Friends First

Christmas, Movie

Based on the premise of a college group reunion, expect bucket-loads of drama, all-encompassing friendships and a multi-fold climax thrown into a sequel made fifteen years after the first mega-hit. Netflix party with your BFF for max returns.


The Fun n Frolic-er

Christmas, Movie

A father on a mission, a shift from the usual heavy moralistic approach, this one’s to be enjoyed at face value. Switch off and prepare for an adventure to find the most coveted toy of the season! An entertainer of a flick taking subtle jabs at consumer culture with a ton of goofy action.