Spotlight: Craft Gins Made in India

Stranger & Sons

The gin from Goa’s Third Eye Distillery has an interesting origin story. Founders Sakshi Saigal, Rahul Mehra and Vidur Gupta christened their gin in line with legacy businesses scattered around the city – easily identified by the facades bearing “… & Sons”. Their home-grown gin goes beyond juniper and explores the entire spice box. You’ll find it has liquorice, pepper, nutmeg, mace, coriander, angelica, cassia bark and a mix of Indian citrus peels – Gondhoraj limes from North East India are the real stars, here.
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Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin

Radico Khaitan has been in the biz of whiskies. Their first gin is a nod to India’s royal past. It brings an interesting bouquet of botanicals too — seven of which come from India, including coriander and vetiver from the north of the country, orange peel from central India, cubeb pepper berries and lemon grass from the south, Darjeeling green tea leaves from the east and lemon peel from the west. Add grains of paradise from West Africa and caraway seeds from Estonia to the mix. Find them at


Greater Than & Hapusa

Have you been to Delhi’s much-loved restaurant Perch? The founders Anand Virmani or Vaibhav Singh, are also the ones behind Nao Spirits. They’ve given us not one but two craft gins: Greater Than – the only London dry gin made in India – and brand new label called Hapusa. The former uses botanicals from around the world: coriander, angelica, orris roots, lemongrass, fennel, chamomile, orange peel, ginger, and of course, juniper. The latter takes its name from Himalyan juniper, called ‘Hapusa’ in Sanskrit and Bengali. It’s a Himalayan Dry Gin, and the only label to employ foraged berries.
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