#LeMillRecommends: Summer Reads Handpicked by the Le Mill Team

There are some hallmarks of an excellent summer read—qualities that set it apart from your average paperback: light, funny, entertaining, and quick. So, if you’re looking for recommendations, the Le Mill team has done the hard work for you and drawn up a list of books that are highly riveting, light, and easy to read — from witty novels to smart autobiographies and everything in between.

Nandita Dalmia, General Manager

If you often find comfort in a glossy fashion journal, then Dalmia recommends this powerful memoir by Andre Leon Talley. The Chiffon Trenches is a scintillating read in classic ALT fashion, precisely recollecting some of the most memorable moments from the late editor’s personal and professional life. This book is delightful for any reader dipping toes in fashion, no matter how much or little you know about ALT. 

Genre: Autobiography

Beach read value: A fresh, provocative read for relaxed beach days

The Chiffon Trenches by Andre Leon Talley


Sana Milpada, Assistant Store Manager

Always watchful and wary, Sana Milpada considers a good summer read to be easy and layered with sharp observations. Milpada rates “How to Read a Book” by Monica Wood as a prime pick for a lazy reader. The book discovers how three lives entwined by death, poetry, and prison are in search of a new beginning. With unexpected twists and full of sharp humour, this novel will keep you engaged all through your trip.

Genre: Literary Fiction

Beach read value: A heartwarming read for feel-good summer days

How To Read A Book by Monica Wood

Hitesh Rathod, Creative Director

The author of ‘Beach Read’ came up with a new book that, according to Rathod, combines all the qualities of a compelling vacation read. ‘People We Meet On Vacation’ by Emily Henry is absorbing and entertaining. Two opposites, Poppy and Alex, dislike each other from the moment they meet, but could this build the foundation of an epic love story? That’s the question at the heart of Henry’s new romantic fiction, a delicious blend of fantasy, love, and drama that should leave any rom-com fanatic’s heart full.

Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Beach read value: A fun, quick, beach-read that isn’t too demanding

People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry


Navna Mehra, Client Development Manager

Perfect for someone like Mehra, whose multi-faceted personality calls for a bitingly fun read, ‘Wives Like Us’ by Plum Sykes is curated like a social media feed — full of petty drama, humour, and glamour. It peels us through the layers of status paranoia to deliver a delectable tale of money, power, and heartbreak that will keep you engrossed and have you looking up from that sunbed only to remind you, "You’re still on vacation!"

Genre: Domestic fiction, satire

Beach read value: Funny, sharp and easy to devour

Wives Like Us by Plum Sykes

Simran Shetty, E-Commerce Manager

For Simran, a good summer book should be keen, heartfelt, and engaging. And if you’re looking for a similar read, then this one’s for you. Award-winning writer Deborah Levy’s short, embattled memoir is an ode to the author’s traumatic divorce and her mother’s death. ‘The Cost Of Living’ is a generous read, full of grace and emotion. Through this profile, Levy gives readers interesting vignettes of her life that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.

Genre: Autobiography/Memoir

Beach read value: Thoughtful, sentimental, and difficult to put down

The Cost Of Living by Deborah Levy


Ashwini Iyer, Associate Content Creator

For all the globetrotters in the world, Ashwini Iyer’s latest summer read should be on your wishlist this season. Pulitzer Prize winner Andrew Sean Greer’s ‘Less’ is a provocative humane drama where the flow of prose is punctuated by verse and lyricism. This one is highly recommended for those who enjoy an immersive read while their toes touch the sand.

Genre: Humorous Fiction, Satire

Beach read value: Sharp, hilarious, and perfect for passing a day or three by a scenic view

Less by Andrew Sean Greer

Shilpa Sharma, Senior Stylist

Sharma, who loves fashion and styling, prefers her hardback to be cerebral and enlightening. ‘The Riddles of the Sphinx’ by Anna Schetman is a memoir-history amalgam that investigates the themes of gender politics and eating disorders. It’s incredibly moving and painful. An irresistible chronicle that’s well paced, profound and an invaluable read.

Genre: Autobiography, Self-discovery

Beach read value: Insightful, sentimental, and hard to put down

The Riddles Of The Sphinx by Anna Schetman

Davina Chhabra, Senior Stylist

If you’re someone who enjoyed reading ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, chances are you might like this one too. Davina Chhabra can’t get enough of ‘Women Of Good Fortune’ and insists you carry it on your next holiday too. Sophie Wan's first foray into fictional writing is a page-turning novel that is clever with some white-knuckle twists. If you wish to immerse yourself in a book that promises nothing but a fascinating storyline, pick this one.

Genre: Humour, Crime-Fiction

Beach read value: Unpredictable, daring, and easy to read

Women Of Good Fortune by Sophie Wan