Thank You, Next?

Le Mill puts down what’s on the charts for fashion in 2023

Instagram Is The True Purveyor Of Style


R.I.P. glossies. Fashion magazines ruled the styleverse for as long as one can remember. With the influx of new technologies, our consumption patterns have changed and with that mediums and creators. Fashion Roadman, Stylenotcom, Lewissmag, IDeservecouture are just some of the accounts fashion enthusiasts follow religiously for an honest account of the industry. A balance between cancel culture and glazed over news websites, these creators keep it authentic and are unafraid to voice their opinions almost instantly. No other social media platform has the hold over fashion the way Instagram does and we’re only expecting it to get stronger.



After Raf and Miuccia’s coming together, the only thing left to be set straight in the would of fashion was the return of Phoebe Philo. After Celine lost its accent thanks to Hedi Slimaine’s succession, lovers of old Céline were heartbroken to see the back of Philo. A fairly private personality, the British designer stepped away from the limelight only to emerge stronger. Philo’s eponymous label is to launch in September this year and fans can hardly control their excitement. The brand will retail through their website and has the backing of the luxury giant LVMH.

Even More Nordic Style


Scandi girl style is already a permanent part of the fashion lexicon. We are seeing more conscious consumers of style gravitate towards the half of the industry that strictly celebrates ‘less is more’. From fashion summits, to green fashion weeks, Scandi style has deep roots in functional design, wearability and a huge focus on materials.

Return To Quiet Luxury Thanks To Economic Slowdown


Closely tied to the fluctuations in the stock market is our approach to fashion. With big companies tightening their purse strings, fashion is destined to go down an austere path. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see some gems shine through. Matthie Blazy, Simon Porte Jacquemus, The Olsen Twins, Victoria Beckham are all equipped to create an air of je ne sais quoi without going overboard.

Revival Of Grunge


With economic turmoil comes the voice of dissent. What better medium of expression exists than grunge to do just that? Kate Moss even returned to the runway to signal that grunge is in fact making a comeback. If you needed an excuse to spend more time in soft, faded, oversized jeans, this is it. Play with lace, leather, flannel, stripes and miniskirts to revisit this subculture. Most importantly, don’t take it too seriously.

Silver Linings Playbook


It’s not all doom and gloom. When it comes to metal wars, silver is emerging as a clear winner. Sequins, lamé, rhinestones or beading, there’s no going wrong with this accent. A heady dose of sparkle is always recommended to take the edge off.