The Holy Grail Winter Routine

Skincare routines have proven to be of great entertainment this pandemic. Whether it’s DIYs from the kitchen, blind faith in your favourite lifestyle blogger or a google education on chemicals hours on end- we’ve dabbled in all, well past bedtime.  If you wonder why your multi-step, fabulously curated (probably exotic) routine just doesn’t give you that radiance from within, here’s a tell-all by Dr. Kiran Sethi. Named ‘the best skin expert in India’ by Elle, she is an integrative aesthetic, skin and wellness specialist heading Isya Aesthetics in Delhi. 

Dr. Kiran Sethi, Winter Routine, Skin, Wellness

Skin is a reactive expression of the inside of your body and the outside world combined. Navigating between the influences is the key to healthy skin, believes Dr. Kiran.


The 5 mandates for a winter-goddess glow: 

Dr. Kiran Sethi, Winter Routine, Skin, Wellness
  1. Change your moisturiser
    Add a heavier lotion or cream into your routine. Skincare must be seasonal just like fashion.
  2. Switch out your cleanser
    Use a non-foaming cleanser that’s milk, micellar water or oil-based to reduce dryness. 
  3. Read the label
    Look for ingredients like ceramides, essential fatty acids, and naturally moisturising elements for extra moisture.
  4. Wear your sunblock
    And wear it religiously! The sun will further dry out your skin.
  5. Anti-oxidants are essential
    Your skin requires antioxidants to combat pollution. Apply a vitamin C and ferulic acid product for an extra antioxidant shield.


Dr. Kiran says:

Dr. Kiran Sethi, Winter Routine, Skin, Wellness

Dr. Kiran Sethi, Skin and Wellness Expert

  • A common skincare mistake to avoid
    “Overscrubbing! It’s the cause of excess dryness, pollution-related irritation and dullness. And avoiding sunblock- the devastating pollution levels result in major tanning.” 
  • A cheap but effective hack
    “I love using Vaseline petroleum jelly as an SOS barrier product- it locks in moisture in the winter.”
  • Go-to hair potion
    “Aloe vera, honey, yoghurt, avocado to hold water in, egg to add a protein boost and coconut oil- the best hair oil.”
  • Cleanser recommendations
    Cetaphil cleanser
    iS clinical cream cleanser
    Shu Uemura cleansing oil
  • Facial oils to try
    “They’re great for the winter but it’s important to use the right oil. Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil for acne-prone or sensitive skin, rosehip oil for anti-ageing.”


Head over to our IGTV for a more in-depth lesson on vitamin C serums, face masks, oiling techniques and injectables by Dr Kiran Sethi.