The Le Mill Team Shares Their Lockdown Experiences (Memes Inside)

As the Lockdown wears on and the COVID-19 threat ensues, we are all experiencing our own troubles staying cooped up. As isolating as it may feel, we want you to know that we’re all in this together. The Le Mill team shares their Lockdown stories of learnings, woes, fantasies and funnies to get you through the day.

Cecilia accidentally learns the merits of a capsule collection
“I accidentally got stuck in Alibaug with a small suitcase, where I was isolating after a work trip abroad. As my friend Pooja Advani noted, its become a capsule collection.”
Nandita has entered into a parallel universe of infinite dirty dishes


“The meme is literally me! Dirty dishes everywhere. On my nightstand: dirty bowl from snacks the night before. On my coffee table: empty wine-stained stemware that would have been so easy to clean if I had only poured the wine out and rinsed them; instead, I chose to leave them there and let the wine evaporate into an impossible crust. On my kitchen counter: a starch-lined pot from boiled pasta. On my bathroom shelf, two glasses. And, somehow, as if by some divine intervention, the sink is always clogged. Dare I stick my hand in to wiggle free the soggy, congealed bits of dinners past?  Would I swim in the Ganges? I think I’ll leave it for another time.”

Manvi dreams of coffee

“I am a coffee addict. Every morning, I wake up groggy-eyed and fix myself and my auntie a morning cup. We both look at each other with panic, watching our coffee supplies dwindle. We ritualistically call the local grocery stores to check for new coffee stock, like opium addicts in search of our next hit. And every morning, we get the same disappointing answer, NO. This is a PSA to provide the addicts in your community with their substance of choice, or it’ll be the same old story of another one bites to dust. Do your bit, get me coffee.”

Shiv is A-Ok but his shoes beg to differ

“I get ready everyday to go about my day as if everything was normal. I wondered off into my thoughts thinking to myself- my clothes don’t miss me because I’m wearing them. But I bet my shoes think I’ve died!”

Sana’s discovering her alter egos

“I have noticed I have multiple personalities keep me company (I’m just not styling and selling, but also sometimes I’m a singer, dancer, chef, and a cleaner.)
 I also have a new found appreciation for food. Earlier I was a fussy eater and wasted food, now with the current situation I eat everything and value the leftovers for the next meal.” (and yes, we know one of these personalities has bad grammar, the error was intentional, ok Grammar Nazi).
Jinkal has decided ignorance is bliss
“My mom doesn’t remember names, including her children’s

My mother asks me: Vama , do you think I’m a bad mom?
Me: My name is Jinkal.

I have also made new resolution: I’ve read so many horrible things about drinking and junk food recently that I made a new, firm New Year’s resolution: NO MORE READING.

Varsha learns a productivity trick

“My weird story to share from this lockdown is my workspace itself. Before this situation came upon us, I used to merely use the table and chair to dump things. I almost never sit on a table and chair setting when I am at home – my bed is my happy place. But ever since we’ve started WFH, I’ve realized that the bed doesn’t do me much good, and I now spend more than half my day at this table!”
Roshni’s days are centered around meals  
“Twice a day my mom and I stare at each other blankly and ask each other what’s on the menu. I can only cook junk food so it’s a constant battle between pasta and gobi.”
Isha has run out shows to watch

“I’m done watching things on Netflix. Disney movies is my last hope.”

What’re your lockdown woes and joys? Share them with us.