Things To Do in July (Socially Distanced Edition)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to brew, a few things are clear. We are all exhausted and want this to end as soon as possible. But luckily for you, we've put together a list of things you can do as you socially distance from society. 

Kolkata's Experimenter Gallery brings us Filament: A Film Series

Experimenter Gallery is an art gallery and collective that showcases Kolkata's up and coming artists, hosts city tours and has quickly become a space for both budding and renowned creatives attracting a range of art buffs and curious residents and tourists. Their second film series, takes place via Zoom starting July 10th up until August 20th. Click here to learn more.

Anopura Boutique Hotel Getaway, Jaipur

For a serene getaway head to Anopura, a boutique hotel with private villas, pools and spas. An hours drive from Jaipur, you'll be in a parallel peaceful universe away from the city and crowds, free to unwind and socially distance in nature. Click here to book via Yaan Tours.

DIY Baking With Ether Chocolate 

Sweeten up your date night with DIY Baking Kits from Ether Chocolate. We highly recommend their cakes. Whether you're a chocolate lover or a fan of more subtle flavours, their DIY kits will inspire the baker in you. Or if you and your partner would rather not work for your dessert, simply order their pre-baked goodies.Try their peanut and chocolate fudge or their rose cake. Click here to shop.

Ballet Lessons with Adrienn Izsepi

Tune in for a virtual ballet lesson with Hungarian choreographer, Adrienn Izsepi if you're trying to find creative ways to move and break the sedentary cycle for ballet. Point your toes and learn a pirouette. Classes start July 4th. Click here to sign up. 

Zero Waste Management Class by Bare Necessities

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's how important it is for us to switch to sustainable living. We've all scratched our heads and considered taking a serious step or sometimes feel living consciously takes too much work. Bare Necessities has an online course which gives you a step by step breakdown on how to manage your household waste in more eco-conscious ways. Turn your home into a zero waste home! Live healthier just by following a few simple steps, who knew it was that easy to take the first step! Click here to sign up.