Through the looking glass, you see a bridge leading to the sun from the oldest mango tree in the orchard. You hear Daft Punk’s Instant Crush on what sounds like a harp. You don’t know how to climb trees, but the beat is calling you, so on instinct, you do. When you get to where the bridge is supposed to be, you see nothing but sky, your reflection materialising in the clouds. A White Cat purrs behind you, inviting you to follow her, frolicking into the clouds. You arrive at the Le Mill Tea Cloud Party.


The hostess, Alexandre Vauthier is a peach potted plant, dressed in a sharp mustard blazer and black pants. With a tea pot in hand, she guides you to the centre floor. A brew of jasmine tea materialises on your hand.


Yves Saint Laurent greets you next. Confident and fierce, the party animal fills your tea cup with champagne, leaving trails of gold dust where she steps.


Kika Vargas is the queen of spades, transparent, and charming, she leads you to the runway, teaching you how to strut. Daft Punk still echoes through the space, but you’re not sure where it’s coming from.


When you look up, you notice a technicolour ysl disco ball. She plays MC, transitioning seamlessly from Daft Punk to Solange. When she looks at you, she switches to Lady Marmalade.


Jonathan Simkhai is the vine lady, dressed in pink, bubbly and warm, she twirls on the Bernadette grass, leading you to her picnic site. You touch hands, like she’s a long lost sister.


Beside her, is the orb of love, ysl’s signature gold painted on the pulsing heart. Waves of warm toasty fires awaken inside you. You involuntarily gasp.


Leslie Amon comes to you with her turkish evil eyes dancing across the face. You feel cleansed.


She passes you a sandwich. On the platter sits rows and rows of teal-blue and white sandwiches. Wandler grins, they’re my signature petit fours she says shyly, handing you one. Blueberries ooze on your tongue, dissipating down your throat like clouds. You sigh, sinking into the clouds with your curious new friends. The White Cat always watching over you.


Welcome to the Le Mill Cloud Tea Party, where the guests are up for auction, and all fantasies are met with a generous spirit.



Photography & Creative Direction: Mehi Shah
Illustration and Creative Direction: Ashwin Mallya
Creative Writing: Manvi Jalan