Trending Summer-cures courtesy Natasha Patel

This summer, the accessory we’re most excited to sport in the sun are freshly done manicures. Bright hues, fun patterns and pop palettes- nails are stealing the spotlight this season.

Meet Natasha Patel, beauty blogger and manicure enthusiast. Her Instagram feed is a guide to all things skincare, makeup, fashion and lifestyle with a refreshing take on content creation that resonates her passion for beauty.

Whether you’re in the mood to switch it up by being experimental with your color combos or with art on your nails- Natasha gives you the lowdown on the manicure forecast for this season. Here’s her guide on summer’s biggest nail trends:

Marbled Nails

Trending Summer-cures courtesy Natasha Patel, Marbled Nails

A messy but cute way to get your nails to resemble a sorbet! This swirly mani is one of Natasha's personal favorites. It's the best way to incorporate color when you cannot land on one favorite.

Deep French Tips

Trending Summer-cures courtesy Natasha Patel, Deep French Tip Nails

This one is for all you minimalists out there- go bold while staying true to your style and opt for this elevated French mani. Instead of just painting across the tip of your nail, start halfway up to elongate the tip.

Bright colors

Trending Summer-cures courtesy Natasha Patel, Bright Color Nails

Mood-boosting hues on your mani is the best way to channel an endless summer. If you’re all about expressing yourself through your nails- choose between bright color waves or a single accent nail to pop.

Y2K Inspired

Trending Summer-cures courtesy Natasha Patel, Embellished Nails

The 90’s are back and it’s all about going OTT! Embellishments, whether stick-on crystals or chains, this summer, you gotta go big or go home!

Graphic Nails

Trending Summer-cures courtesy Natasha Patel, Graphic Nails

Fun emojis, feminine florals or thematic prints- graphic designs mixed in with your favorite summer hues is just the perfect balance for someone looking to create an edgy mani.