Trick or Treat: The Harvest Moon and Halloween

2020 may as well have been a longer version of Halloween with all the surprises and scares it brought along. From coronavirus to forest fires and locust swarms - all seemed to have been playing their individual parts in the House of Horror at the amusement park that is Planet Earth. But the ride, or the year, isn’t over yet. October 2020 brings us a rare treat – a full moon on Halloween day.

The harvest moon was the first full moon of the month of October, and the second, also known as the blue moon, will appear on October 31st, 2020. This happens only every eighteen to nineteen years, and as though this year didn’t already come with enough shivers, it’s got an eerie day made a little more eerie approaching us soon. Spooky? A fancy outdoorsy party or not, we suggest some ways to bring home the ‘spirit’ of Halloween.

Light some candles, set up a table with a deck of tarot cards and welcome some voodoo. Spend your evening delving into your past or future and warding off negative energies. Whether you know how to read the cards or not, this auspicious day calls for a few japes and jolts.

Very similar to the popular murder mystery game Mafia, Among Us, an online game about teamwork and betrayal while in space, is progressively keeping many of us entertained and tethered to friends and family. It may not have the element of spine-chilling that’s apt for Halloween, but fun variations that involve the losers in the game to overcome a challenging and of course, spooky, task might step up Halloween for those of you unable to be in the company of friends. So get creative, and get cracking!

No Halloween is complete without the customary witch’s potion punch. Whether it’s cocktails for your friends or mocktails for your kids, try freezing other-worldly ornaments in ice cubes plopped in rich red drinks to catch them off-guard. If nothing else, it might make for a funny story to tell at lunch even in the years to come.

Slipping into a costume and setting up a scary movie – the classics – are undoubtedly going to be fun, but if you’re still unable to capture Halloween’s fervor because of all the social distancing, tune into social media to catalyze your Halloween gusto at home. There’s no social distancing required there! Either way, the rare occurrence of this full moon and the fear of the uncanny unknown might creep up on you sooner than you know, leaving you spooked and spurred.