Try-Dye with Arya Mehta

If you still haven’t hopped aboard the tie ‘n’ dye bandwagon, here’s a nudge. Did you really survive a pandemic if you can't produce a t-shirt by yours truly for proof? Join in as dancer-choreographer Arya Mehta clues you in on how she achieves a picture-perfect stain each time. Channel peace, love and good vibes all around the true bohemian way.



The Ingredients

White t-shirt


Oven tray

Fabric dye (run wild with colors of your choice)

Squeeze bottles

Rubber bands



Part One: The Magic Potion

Add one scoop of dye to some hot water and shake.


Part Two: The Prep

Soak your t-shirt in a bucket of water.

Wring out the water to ensure the color stays intact.

Your fabric canvas is now ready!


Part Three: The Art

Keep your t-shirt face down on the floor with the back visible to you.

Mark the lowest points of both sleeves and bring your fingers in horizontally to meet the centre.

Pinch the fabric at the point and twist.

Twist away until the entire piece of fabric creates a spiral.


Part Four: The Map

Grab three rubber bands and slide them across the t-shirt, overlapping in the middle.

Place the tied-up t-shirt on your cooling tray over the bucket, or find a surface to put the t-shirt on making sure the floor doesn’t stain.


Part Five: The Fun

Release color from the bottles- one color per alternate section getting into all the creases.

Tightly wrap the t-shirt in some cling film allowing the dye to absorb overnight.


Part Six: The Reveal

Take off the wrap.
Rinse and squeeze the t-shirt under a faucet until the water runs clear.
Throw it in the dryer or let dry naturally, laid flat.


Try on your bangin’ new artwork and snap away. Tag us and Arya if we made your day!