Tunes To Take Our Stress Away

We often turn to art in turbulent times, and music, with its melody, lyrics and rhythmic beats, is no exception. Apart from its cardinal purpose of entertaining, soothing notes can also provide relief from anxiety and stress - feelings we are no strangers to with everything going on in the world right now. It’s not a new concept that songs can strike a chord with world happenings. ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson became the anthem of our times, as did ‘All You Need is Love’ by The Beatles, that spotlighted world peace.

To encapsulate the temper of the times, and the calm that we all need, Le Mill caught up with Delhi-based musician, music producer, model, and actor Moses Koul to talk about songs for the times we’re living in.

Whether you need music to help you focus on work, to fall asleep, or just vibe to, Koul’s personalised playlist features a combination of calming beats and melodies that tune into our shared experience:


Like Someone In Love by Bill Evans

“All the pretty sounds in this piece is, I imagine, what love feels like. Calming, serene, spritely but with a sense of urgency, of time passing by faster than one would appreciate.”


Margaret by Julian Lage

“One of the greatest ode's ever written, in my humble opinion. The arrangement, sounds and composition are dizzying and spur joy on every listen. The paper turning and the breathing, everything adds to the mise en scene for this highly visual piece of music. I was also completely invested in the secretive, but not quite, love life of Julian and Margaret.”


It Was Warmer Then by Helios

“The thing with nostalgia is that it's such a familiar yet alien feeling. This song captures that comforting yet distant essence of nostalgia the best, making it tangible and aural. This song is perfect for those solitary afternoon naps that start from one thought melding into another.”


Fahrenheit Fair Enough by Telefon Tel Aviv

“This one has been my steady companion through many sleepless nights. As someone who suffers from bouts of intense insomnia, I find the comprehensive textures and details in this song extremely calming. Especially on tours, after a loud and boisterous show, this song is the best way to unwind and experience the world outside, on the car ride back to the hotel.”


So Beautiful (LIVE at Capitol Studios) by Robert Glasper

“As a guitar player, I draw very heavily from Glasper's chordal work, not saying I'm any good at it. But this particular LIVE version is my go to song on a rainy day, when I'm indoors with a cup of coffee. Unbelievable that it's just a trio that pulled off this spectrum of sounds.” 


Everything Happens To Me by Chet Baker

“This song found me when I was particularly feeling Murphy's Law in its full effect - with the pandemic and its repercussions. One doesn't need to read too deep into the lyrics to realize that this song is all of us, right now. And the best bit is, that it can double up as a romantic song, if you would like it to swing that way.”