#LeMillRecommends: What Fashion Insiders Actually Read

There was a time, glossies were the holy grail of fashion. Those who cared about the nebulous, highly exclusionary world of supers and designers waited for newsstands to put out the new monthly edition of their favourite titles. As time passes, the consumption of media patterns change. You’re more likely to witness the new cover of French Vogue on Instagram way before you physically access one. You’re twice as likely to have consumed the contents of it before its in your hands. Will such access to information, where do true patrons turn to for even more exclusive details? Well industry insiders have had the same thought. Former journalists and front row stars have created their own paid newsletters which offer you a slice of the rarefied life.

The substack phenomenon rose when journalists and writers with audacious voices felt that the publications and institutions who fiercely guarded journalistic integrity and ethics started making exceptions to please advertisers. To protect their voices, an independent publishing platform–Substack came into being where patrons could pay to read stories from these writers. This came down to fashion as well and while not all newsletters rest on substack the format follows. Here’s who we love hearing from.

The Puck

Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley, media to fashion, The Puck (@puckdotnews)has a selection of highly-respected contributors whose weekly newsletter are a must-read. Lauren Sherman, the former New York editor of the Business of Fashion writes one every week. While Sherman definitely writes about what’s new on the scene and captures happenings from the week that was, you’re sure to spot some unknown names in the mix.

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The Puck: Weekly Newsletter

The Best of Back Row

Amy O’Dell (@instaamyodell) is the author of Anna Wintour’s biography–let’s just say she’s had a lot to say about the powerbrokers in fashion. Her weekly newsletter The Best of Back Row is actually a funny, incisive take on the scene. She can sometimes have a single minded obsession, like any of us and let’s say fixate over breaking down every single look from the last season of Succession. O’Dell asks the right questions–How much do influencers make? Do celebrities make for good creative directors? We are listening.

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Back Row by Amy O'Dell

Jenny Sais Quoi

Jenny Walton (@jennymwalton) ascended the street style scene both inside and outside fashion week. A Prada enthusiast whose illustrations capture an old worldly charm, Jenny Walton’s flair for fashion is evidently through a romantic lens. Wrapping papers to hair clips, her eye for detail is astounding. On Substack she shares style advice, vintage shopping guides, how to pick a colour palette for your life and much more.

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Jenny Walton's Jenny Sais Quoi

Shop Rat

Shop Rat is Emilia Petrarca’s (@emiliapetrarca) brainchild which as the tagline says, capture style happenings offline. Here you will find scathing, but not too scathing opinions on what’s real in fashion anymore. Vibe shifts, calling out mega brands for their less than stellar trash taking out methods and a even a best dressed list that matters.

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Shop Rat by Emilia Petrarca