With The Ones We Love

2021 and a home-bound Valentine's Day is the ideal blessing in disguise for all you movie-buffs out there. Who would’ve thought we’d have an excuse for pajamas and a movie-marathon on the most hyped-up Hallmark holiday of the year! In keeping with our theme of celebrating all kinds of love, we’ve sorted through films across genres to engross yourself in with your special someone, whether it’s a parent or your better-half.


‘Lady bird’ with Mommy Dearest

Lady Bird, Movie, Valentines Day

A tearjerker coming of age story extracting powerful nuances from drama-ridden adolescence. Journeying from self-conflict to a relieved stormy relationship with her mother, title-character- ‘Ladybird’ progressively peels away the layers of her flavorful personality. Astonishing deliveries by the entire cast will transport you into the mind and heart of a quippy, eruptive young girl finding her ground.


‘You Can Count On Me’ for the Sibling

You Can Count On Me, Movie, Valentines Day

With multiple prestigious awards to its name, ‘You Can Count On Me’ is an artful, undiluted portrayal of the flawed lives of a brother-sister duo. Beautifully humanized and raw at its core, it drifts from the cliched positivity-strewn narrative of big-screen storytelling. The moving depiction offers delicate insights into the less explored bond making it a must-watch cinematic masterpiece.


‘Serendipity’ with your Lady Love

 Movie, Valentines Day, Serendipity

“When love feels like magic, it is called destiny; when destiny has a sense of humor, it is serendipity.” A straight-forward sappy entertainer, this romance of star-crossed lovers is for the dreamers and believers. If uncanny coincidences and extraordinary love is your guilty pleasure, then prepare yourself for a fruitful one and a half hours. If there’s a destined day to watch Serendipity, it’s Valentine’s Day.


‘Frances Ha’ with your Gal Pal

 Movie, Valentines Day, Frances Ha

An inspired black and white indie film that highlights the tumultuous transition into the realities of nearing the big three-oh. Set in New York, this classic mumble-core deconstructs a departure from youth in all its bittersweet convolutions via head-in-the-clouds protagonist, Frances. It places special importance on friendships- sometimes a smooth sail while others, a rugged hike. But even more, on life’s most profound love- yourself.


‘Mamma Mia’ with your Daughter

 Movie, Valentines Day, Mamma Mia, ABBA

ABBA songs and unlimited frolicky madness, all unfold within a scheme for a bride-to-be to meet her biological father. Stellar performer Meryl Streep is the cherry on top of a timeless, lovable musical with scenic visuals. Mamma Mia is all in all a perfectly delightful, light watch for a cozy night in with your daughter.