You’re Invited!

The holidays are here, and with it a slew of RSVPs that require a number of memorable (and ideally!) fashionable party outfits. If you’ve found yourself with a packed social calendar but not the closet to back it up, fear not. Getting dressed up is one of the best parts of going out, and what better time to put your sartorial foot forward than now? We’ve put together edits of the best holiday party-wear that you can pick and choose from to look your best.

Simply Red

Interestingly, the red wall has arisen in a moment when the shopping landscape is awash with 50 shades of beige (we’re looking at you, quiet luxury). With its fiery comeback on the fashion week runway, red has truly solved all our party-dressing woes.

Alaïa Dress, David Koma Full Sleeves Dress, Victoria Beckham Dress, Jacquemus Dress, Alexandre Vauthier Dress, David Koma Mini Dress

The Modern Romantic

Hitting the right chord between delicate and sensual, lace will never fail to make you stand out in a crowd, whether you’re wearing them in classic black or a bold hue. Making a rightful comeback, lace will always impress.

Alaïa Skirt, Elie Saab Bralette Top, Elie Saab Shirt, Elie Saab Sleeveless Top, Victoria Beckham Dress, Zimmermann Top, Saint Laurent Pants

It’s Your Time to Shine

As invitations for all the parties this month start to roll in, there’s one fashion must-have that will ensure you’re the best-dressed guest. Ladies, we’d like to reintroduce you to metallics. Keep that fashionista title of yours intact as you dance and shine.

Acler Dress, Rotate Birger Christensen BlazerRotate Birger Christensen Shorts, Alexandre Vauthier Biker JacketAlexandre Vauthier ShirtCourrèges Pants

A Classic Black to Suit You

The ‘Black Dress’ is so synonymous with sexuality and fashion that it’s practically enshrined in runway lore. We bring you the trusty black dress in all its glory (and different silhouettes) that will make you RSVP to that party in an instant!

Alex Perry Dress, Alexandre Vauthier Mini Dress, David Koma Mini Dress, Acler Dress, David Koma Midi Dress

All that Glitters

There’s no ignoring high-octane glamour in the coming months, especially since everyone has been seen showing off surface texture and bling. For our maximalists might we suggest bling on bling? If you aren’t convinced our edit sure will.

Nervi Cropped Top, Nervi Skirt, Nervi Mini DressRotate Birger Christensen PantsRotate Birger Christensen Mini Dress, Elie Saab Blazer, Elie Saab Skirt, Galvan Dress

Accessories that Bring in the Party

Finding your wardrobe not dressed for the occasion? Amp it up with some accessories that inject a certain festive je ne sais quoi that will catch everyone’s eye!

Loewe Goya PufferAlaïa Le PapaAlaïa Le Cœur, L'alingi Eternity Clutch, Saint Laurent Kate Mini, L'alingi Ella Box, L'alingi Butterfly Clutch, Saint Laurent Dive Mules, Saint Laurent Ava Sandals, Saint laurent Bianca PlatformAlaïa Heel, Jacquemus Heel