Moksh’s fine jewellery is adaptive to individual style with versatility at its core. Browse Moksh collection online with Moksh perilea ring & Moksh neckless.

      13 products

      13 products

      Moksh manifests unconventional designer jewellery that can be considered a contemporary treasure trove. Adapting to individual style, Moksh’s fine jewellery prioritizes wearability and versatility within their designs.

      Moksh collection’s objective is to create stunning pieces, each of whom have the ability to weave a story behind them.

      Carrying on his family legacy, Milan Choksi, the founder of Moksh, believes that pure luxury is characterized by attention to detail. With a solid backing from craft and craftsman, Moksh collections are a contemporized iteration of jewels inspired by the Mughal culture. Founded in 2005, Milan ventured into the jewellery business with his own line of fine jewels. With a family legacy that dates back to the early 1920s, Moksh collections stem from a heritage that is aimed at contemporizing the traditional art of jewellery making in India.

      Jewels are embedded in the fabric of Indian culture. With Moksh’s collections of fine jewellery, it extends far beyond mere adornment, it is considered to be one’s heritage that can be passed down through generations. Moksh collections are carefully curated to be flaunted, rather than being trapped away in a locker. These pieces carry an unparalleled edge that is contributed by fine craftsmanship and intelligent design. Not ascribing to particular occasions, Moksh’s collections feature a mix of simplistic everyday elegance and bespoke, statement-making styles. They strive to give you pieces whose value extends far beyond just aesthetics. What you can expect at Moksh is designer jewellery that is highly sought after and crafted by skilled artisans with the finest of materials.

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      Buy the Latest in Moksh’s Collections of Fine Jewellery at Le Mill

      Designer Fine Jewellery in India has been historically associated with bridal trousseaus and heritage creations that are locked away in family vaults. However, in the recent years, India has experienced an overhaul and has seen fine jewellery at the forefront of everyday styling. Investment pieces with a high wearability appeal are on the rise. India’s rich artistry and craftsmanship married with modern design has made it possible for fine jewellery labels to make their creations eligible for the global woman. Le Mill brings to you a curation of such fine jewellery labels that will make for the perfect addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe.

      With a philosophy of creating jewellery that can be enjoyed, Moksh collections are adapted by constantly innovating techniques and by taking a modern approach towards Mughal inspired jewellery techniques. In designing pieces that are meant for everyday and occasion wear, Moksh collections have detached some of the rather extreme grandiosity that the Mughal jewellery is known for. They kept the order and harmony, the distinctiveness and symmetry, the diversity of stones and materials.

      Milan’s vision for Moksh is to create jewellery that is classic yet contemporary and upholds a timeless sense of exquisite beauty. Moksh’s collections are not only a statement of individual style, but also a personal, intimate treasure. Moksh collections are made distinctive by their use of Keshi pearls that are woven into intricate patterns to form the structure of the pieces. Done with a needle and thread, pearl weavers painstakingly create these patterns completely by hand.

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      Moksh Studs: Mughal-inspired Pieces to Invest In

      Investing in the right pieces is very important when shopping for fine jewellery pieces. From stackable pieces to standalone statement jewellery, Le Mill’s curation of Moksh collections is sure to have something to cater to all your needs. While building your personal fine jewellery collection, it is necessary to look for pieces that will not be locked away in a vault. The wearability of the piece should be a priority when deciding to make a purchase, as it is a priority when designing Moksh collections.

      Moksh’s fine jewellery is adaptive to individual style with versatility and wearability at their core. Moksh studs feature their signature Keshi Pearl weave with an array of coloured gemstones and diamonds. Crafted in various motifs, Moksh studs are meant to be woven into different outfits. Moksh studs are not just meant to be styled for dressier occasions. Their classic designs and gemstone pairings allow Moksh studs to be seamlessly incorporated into casual outfits too. Invest in Moksh studs to bring home pieces rooted in traditional craftsmanship with radiant stones and no-think designs.

      At Le Mill, we help you look for pieces that are worth investing in and cater to your individual style. Find the Moksh studs that make for the perfect additions to your designer fine jewellery collections only at Le Mill.