Everything You Need To Know About Gauge81

Minimalistic fashion labels always find their way from Instagram feeds and into the wardrobes of cool girls around the world. There is something powerful and alluring about these emerging labels that you just can’t escape. To make discovering the chicest, most under-the-radar Insta-brands more accessible, Le Mill turns its spotlight to an Amsterdam-based cult brand, Gauge81.

Undisputedly feminine, Gauge81 is best known for its playful proportions, minimal design and well-tailored femininity that plays with the '90s silhouettes. Here we break down everything you need to know about this true It-Girl favourite brand on-the-rise that even Carrie Bradshaw would approve!

The Brand Story

Launched in 2019, the Amsterdam-born Gauge81 (pronounced GO-SH eighty-one) is an attempt to fill a gap in the market and your wardrobe by ‘blurring the line between evening and casual wear’. The label strives to bring ‘sexy into daytime’ by creating retro inspired clean and hyper-feminine essentials offered at a sweet price point. Their striking angles and unexpected proportions mirror the brand name Gauge81, an industry word used to describe a weight of yarn. The satin mini dresses, pinstripe suiting and off shoulder subtly sexy knitwear designed by the ladies of Gauge81, is here to provide you with contemporary pieces that transcend seasonal trends.

Gauge81, Minimalist, Fashion, Amsterdam, Sexy, Knitwear, Ready to wear

The Founders

The Colombian knitwear designer, Monika Silva, cultivated her decade of Latin-American fashion industry experience to build Gauge81. After moving to Amsterdam from New York, her entrepreneurial vision was shared by Vogue Netherlands editor-at-large Gijsje Ribbens, and Dutch designer Fira Rietveld, who previously worked at Calvin Klein and The Row. The trio’s collective creative ethos led to the launch of Gauge81. Backed by PARROT, a Dutch- American fashion agency behind successful brands such as Bernadette and Wandler, Gauge81’s day-to evening wear collection instantly caught the eyes of every retailer from Net-a-Porter to Harrods.

To maintain its contemporary approach, Gauge81 is constantly innovating by adopting digital pattern-making techniques and sourcing smarter fabrics, to make their sampling process more sustainable.

Gauge81, Minimalist, Fashion, Amsterdam, Sexy, Knitwear, Ready to wear, Monika Silva

Monika Silva founder of Gauge81

‘90s Silhouettes

The '90s are back in full force, and we're loving Gauge81’s way of mixing the retro trends into our timeless classics. Adding a modern twist to our ‘90s nostalgia, Gauge81 goes beyond the transient nature of fast fashion by creating some of our seasonless essentials - high-waisted pants, spaghetti strap crop tops, miniskirts and satin dresses. Channelling style inspiration from Sex and the City to Spice Girls , to the wardrobes of Gwyneth Paltrow to Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Guage81 is bringing back some of the most nostalgic trends of our favourite fashion era.

Gauge81, Minimalist, Fashion, Amsterdam, Sexy, Knitwear, Ready to wear

Celebrities that love Gauge81

We know a label is trendy when it gets the ultimate Hollywood tick of approval. Favoured by the likes of Selena Gomez, Kourtney Kardashian and Dakota Johnson. Gauge81’s signature Italian-sourced silk dresses and oversized masculine silhouettes have quickly become fashion must-haves that even celebrities' closet craves. Ahead, we take a peek at some of the sexiest snapped Gauge81 looks.

Gauge81, Minimalist, Fashion, Amsterdam, Sexy, Knitwear, Ready to wear, Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez in Gauge81

Gauge81, Minimalist, Fashion, Amsterdam, Sexy, Knitwear, Ready to wear, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner

Kourtney Kardashian in Gauge81

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