From Faux Pas to Fashion

Brace yourselves for a throwback that comes with a revelation – as we intend to shed some light on the once upon a time gaffes and gaucheries of fashion that are now as up to the minute as up to the minute gets!

Remember a time when wearing fanny packs and tie and dye shirts were almost as good as cheating on fashion? Well, we’ve made a list of six such former faux pas that are now a must have in every whimsical wardrobe.


Tracker Pants

Fashion, Faux Pas, Track Pants, Selena Gomez

Salena Gomez looking fresh at the airport

Straight from street to chic, tracker pants were once shunned for being too casual and bulky, but tables have turned and they’re now straight up hip and chic. Comfortable fashion has a long way to go and we’re only just getting started with trackers – with these, comfort seems to be the new trend on the block. We love how we can wear these at home and when stepping out.


Overcrowding Accessories

Fashion, Faux Pas, Overcrowding Accessories, Jewellery

Isharya (Shop the brand here)

While simpler times called for a simple accessory game, over-accessorizing became an effortless rejection – no matter what the occasion and the attire. Turns out, arming yourself with a bunch of accessories is the new rule of thumb for rocking that outfit – whether it’s a whole lot of chunky bracelets or bags of different sizes.



Fashion, Faux Pas, Logomania, Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko in a cozy Balenciaga sweater dress (Shop the brand here)

The branding of fashion houses in the form of logos brought with it a wave of logomania – the trend where logos of brands were smothered on clothes, accessories, and the works. The logomania trend is a full-blown head-to-toe aesthetic that’s gone from aversion to addiction, amping up outfits and making statements.


Acid Wash Denim

Fashion, Faux Pas, Acid Wash Denim, Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson (Shop the brand here)

After facing the repulsion they did shortly after being introduced as part of denim wear, acid wash denim wear can be casual and classy, snazzy and stylish, funky and fly. Whether it’s a denim jacket, a pair of skinny pants or a breezy shirt – you can team acid wash denim with a whole lot of contrasting clothes for a spiffy day out.


See-Through Sandals

Fashion, Faux Pas, See through Sandals, Clear, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian in thigh-high clear boots

Transparent footwear used to be a major no-no and once upon a time probably considered a bit dorky but have found their way back into the “What’s In” list. Easily paired with most outfits, thanks to their crystal clear colour, if you threw away your pair years ago – here’s your chance to get a new one and get with the times.


Fanny Packs

Fashion, Faux Pas, Fanny Pack, Cross Body Bag, Jacquemus

Jacquemus (Shop the brand here)

From being considered trashy to trendy, fanny packs have had the most dramatic transformation when it comes to going from faux pas to fashion. The idea of going hands-free never sounded and looked better, and more than their convenience, they carry with them an unmatched mass of pizzazz and zing, and have earned their way to your closets!


We can’t help but swoon over fashion trends that have gone from mundane to mod and delve into the ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ loop. Former fashion fails making their way into the closets of the cool kids calls for refashioning and revisiting what’s hot and what’s not.