#VocalForLocal: Go Local This Independence Day

The tough times we are currently faced with has made us realize the importance of local businesses and the people behind them more than ever. With the trending #VocalForLocal, showing support to the independent entrepreneurs and neighbourhood communities is the best way to acknowledge the risks they take, the opportunities they provide and the creativity that comes with it. So if you want to find a way to give back, consider shopping from homegrown brands whose sustainable business models and initiatives enhance our community. We at Le Mill have listed a few reasons why it's important to support small businesses and become a part of this movement - Go small or go home!

Support Your Local Economy

You can directly contribute towards creating a sustainable and trustworthy community by buying locally from small business owners. The money you spend purchasing from these businesses not only helps preserve and create new job opportunities but also provide a platform to other underrepresented creatives. The ceramic duo Élodie Alexandre and Reyaz Badaruddin, founders of Atelier Lalmitti, a clay studio located in the heart of Himalayas, are enhancing their local community by supporting Himachali artisans through their art apprenticeships and teaching programmes. You can help our economy become more self-reliant in times of uncertainty by investing in brands with a meaningful ethos.

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions —including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and others, produced through your daily activities. If you're someone who is conscious of their environmental impact, as consumers, you can change this by making sustainable buying decisions. Contemporary womenswear designer Ruchika Sachdeva’s label, Bodice adopts a holistic approach to sustainability by sourcing local fabrics, using plant-based dyes and renewable sources. Bodice extends their ethical practices by packaging their garments in biodegradable low-density polyethylene bags, reusable cardboard boxes and shopping bags created from dead stock fabrics.

Preserve Indian Craftsmanship

You can help local craftsmen and weavers thrive and support their families by buying from brands that manufacture clothes in your own country. India has always been appreciated and recognized for its unparalleled artisanal skills around the globe. According to the Fourth All India Handloom Census, around 31 lakh households are employed in the handloom and weaving industry. Designers Nupur Goenka of Aish Life and Rina Singh of Eká are preserving Indian craftsmanship by celebrating their mutual love for the traditional art of Jamdani - a 2,000 year old weaving technique from Bengal, through their collections.

Encourage Future Entrepreneurs

You encourage the creative vision of young entrepreneurs when you shop from local independent brands. Their exceptional ideas innovate new trends that help reshape the creative community and boost our local economy. The creative entrepreneur and founder of Bombay Perfumery, Manan Gandhi, managed his family business in perfume ingredients for over five years in Grasse before moving to Mumbai to start his own fragrance house. Gandhi’s unique perspective led to the creation of Bombay Perfumery’s eight contemporary fragrances which truly encapsulates the essence of Indian ingredients.


Support these entrepreneurs and our Indian craftsmanship by being #VocalForLocal this Independence Day! Explore our range of local brands here.