Aish - Born from the love of textiles, Aish fuses sustainable craft with a modern global lens..

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      6 products

      Born from a love for textiles, Aish fuses sustainable craft with a modern global lens. Modern and luxurious, Aish’s collections stem from a passion for adopting sustainability. Organically fostered textiles cut into relaxed, loungewear- Aish's collections are meant to be relaxed in- no matter the occasion.

      Nupur Goenka, a Chennai based revivalist founded Aish in 2010.

      Nupur’s tryst with textiles began in 2009 in New York City. She began to work as a buyer for a friend who had decided to act on her longtime passion for fair trade and handloom textiles. During Nupur’s stint at her friend’s brand, she started going to all the Government emporiums in Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, attending craft fairs like Dastkar, some Government exhibits, Craft Council exhibits and understanding textiles and yarns from different parts of the country.

       As business picked up for her friend, Nupur started getting a clearer picture of what would sell. In 2010, with an in-depth knowledge of textiles in her arsenal, Nupur Goenka started her own label- Let's. A year later, she realized that the name ‘Let’s’ did not conjure the same feelings as was intended. The aim was to have a name that was soft, luxurious, unapologetic and endless — like a river. It was decided that the label would be called Aish.

      Aish was incepted with a strong foundation of not just products, but the feelings that they were meant to evoke. Of being on a vacation that doesn’t have much of an agenda, invoking freedom, vitality, a sense of abundance and endlessness of time. The fabric should feel so good that without really trying it immerses the wearer completely into its world of soft, fine luxury – ‘The Aish Life’.

      70% of the fabrics that Aish’s collections use are hand-loomed on un-mechanized looms that use no electricity. They use natural fiber and VAT dyes. Surplus fabric is crafted into bags for internal use or sent to NGOs for the vocational training of women. Aish believes that this sort of time and effort spent in allocation is beyond the financial ROI. Their return, rather, is measured through their impact.

      Find Aish’s collections exclusively at Le Mill. You can expect a line of easy, breezy ready to wear in various silhouettes on Le Mill’s online store- This range of Aish’s collections online is carefully curated to fit the needs of the modern Indian woman.

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      Nupur Goenka brings together the crafts of artisans and craftsmen from far flung villages and modernizes it without losing it’s organic essence through Aish. Many of Aish’s most treasured textiles are produced by entire families working harmoniously together to produce ten meters of fabric. Aish works with north Bengal weavers that specialize in muslin, jamdani and khadi – this constitutes 70% of their product line. Aish’s collections are also crafted from sourced indigenous fabric from many communities: mirror work from Kutch, single ikat from Pochampally, Sambalpuri ikat from Orissa, pashmina from Kashmir, lungis from Tamil Nadu.

      Leisurewear is what Aish does best. Easy going kaftans, comfortable tunics, summery dresses and soft coord sets make for Aish’s collections. Shop for Aish’s liesurewear at Le Mill’s brick-and-mortar space in Colaba or online at

      Why Designer Dresses from Aish Collection are so comfortable to wear?

      Aish’s dresses are crafted for ultimate comfort. Their light, airy silhouettes are addictively comfortable. Lounge around, take a nap or wear an Aish dress on-the-go, it fits for any casual occasion. Aish’s dresses, during summer, are a fun option. They are feminine, flattering and come in a wide array of styles. They are crafted from lightweight cottons and feature prints in bright hues.

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