Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

While holiday recipes avalanche in, here’s a manual for those wanting to take the edge off end-of-year targets. We made sure to put the merry in your Christmas with three themed cocktails sure to leave you jingled! Santa came early this year.

Arjit Bose, Mixologist, Christmas Drinks

Lending us his time and experience is Arijit Bose- a globetrotting mixologist spreading the good word on new-wave gins and their place in cocktail bars and homes. Former ‘Man of The House’ at 28 Hong Kong Street (of the ’50 Best Bars of The World’), Arijit is known for running PCO- a first of its kind speakeasy bar in Delhi. A solid fifteen years in the business set him up to consult through his beverage outfit ‘Bar Back Collective’, and co-found ‘The Lovers’- a rum blended in Amsterdam. 


Mixology made easy: The Festive Edit
*No elves necessary for these rich nectars


The Chocolate Eggnog 

Arjit Bose, Mixologist, Christmas Drinks, Chocolate Eggnog

What you need:

  • Gold rum: 20 ml 
  • Old monk: 20 ml 
  • Jim beam bourbon whiskey: 40 ml 
  • Sugar:2 tablespoons 
  • Milk: 90 ml 
  • Eggs: 2 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Nutmeg powder 
  • Choco sticks

Glassware: Mug or old-fashioned glass

- In a blender add the two eggs and quick blend for 3 sec
- Add the sugar and blend again
-Add the alcohol and stir gently
- Add grated nutmeg and cinnamon in there (a pinch each) plus a spoon of chocolate powder. Taste and adjust sweetness
- Add milk and blend for a longer time

Service: Pour into teacups and grate some nutmeg to garnish.


Warm Coffee Wine 


Arjit Bose, Mixologist, Christmas Drinks, Warm Coffee Wine

What you need:

  • Cold brew coffee:  30 ml 
  • Medium-bodied red wine: 120 ml 
  • Tangerine orange skin 
  • Honey syrup: 15 ml 
  • Cloves: 2 
  • Cinnamon sticks: 1 
  • Star anise: 1 
  • Rum: 15 ml 

Glassware: Cup or thick-walled glass

-In a pan, add a full bottle of wine 
-Add the spices and honey syrup
-Bring to a boil and put off the heat. Add the orange peels
-To be warmed up for 15 seconds in the microwave to serve

Service: Add a fresh peel of an orange and the spice. Add rum and the coffee.
Pour over warm wine to finish.


The Christmas Boulevardier


Arjit Bose, Mixologist, Christmas Drinks, Christmas Boulevardier

What you need:

  • Monkey Shoulder scotch whiskey: 30 ml 
  • Campari: 30 ml 
  • Martini Rosso: 30 ml 
  • An orange wedge

Glassware: Old-fashioned glass

-In a glass, add all three ingredients and top up with ice
-Stir about 25 times till the ice melts a little and chills the drink

Service: Embellish with a wedge of orange.

Pro tips from behind the bar:

1.  Stock up on citric and malic acid that you can buy online, and never worry about limes going bad again.  Add 6 gm in 100 ml of water and store. Use 15 ml of this per drink, works like a charm for impromptu soirées.

2. Honey syrup is a great substitute for sugar in cocktails, add 500 ml of hot water to 700 ml of honey for a healthier alternative.

3. When you run out of mixers at home, iced tea will pleasantly surprise you for a gin kind of night.


We wish you a safe and spirited holiday with love and a never-ending flow of cocktails among family and friends.