#LeMillRecommends: Oscar-nominated International Films to Add to your Watchlist

Are you still catching up on your Oscar-worthy films ahead of the ceremony? With international cinema gaining rave reviews from connoisseurs around the globe, we have rounded up some Oscar-nominated International Feature Films to watch now. 

The Best International Feature Film Award is open to 90 eligible countries out of which 15 submissions are up for the race in 2022. Important narratives, seamless cinematography, cultural immersion, etc. are just a few deciding factors that can get an international submission on the shortlist of winning the iconic golden statuette. 

Check out our list of some Oscar-nominated International Feature Films that need to be on your watchlist. 


Luana: A Yak in the Classroom, Bhutan 

Luana, Bhutan, Oscar, Film, Drama, International Feature Film

Bhutan’s first ever Oscar nomination, Luana is the story of a young teacher who aspires to acquire an Australian visa and become a singer. This movie from the Himalayan nation explores their governance that is guided by the Gross National Happiness Index, a form of assessing the holistic development and collective wellbeing of the people.  


Great Freedom, Austria 

Great Freedom, Austria, Oscar, Film, Drama, International Feature Film

Post-war Germany may be a liberated country, but freedom is not a lifestyle known by Hans. Imprisoned under paragraph 175 of the penal code which criminalizes homosexuality, Great Freedom tells us the story of Hans’s unlikely bond with his cellmate Viktor, a convicted murder. 


Hive, Kosovo 

Hive, Kosovo, Oscar, Film, Drama, International Feature Film

Kosovo is a small sovereign state in southeast Europe. Hive explores the strides and struggles of widows in Kosovo, fighting to run their small businesses and support their families against societal norms. 


The Worst Person In The World, Finland 

The Worst Person in the World, Finland, Oscar, Film, Drama, International Feature Film

Julie is a young woman in contemporary Oslo, navigating through love and career to find herself. Chronicling four years of her life, this critically acclaimed movie is a dramedy about her quest to the realities of the world. 


Drive My Car, Japan 

Drive My Car, Japan, Murakami, Oscar, Film, Drama, International Feature Film

Adapted from a short story by Haruki Murakami, Drive My Car is the story of an aging, widowed actor seeking a chauffeur. He hires a 20-year-old girl for the job and together they develop an unlikely friendship while unearthing the mysteries left behind by his late wife. 


Prayers For The Stolen, Mexico 

Prayers for the stolen, Mexico, Oscar, Film, Drama, International Feature Film

War-torn Mexico is not the ideal political landscape for three young girls approaching adolescence. Especially in a mountain town that is dominated by drug trade and human trafficking. Prayers For The Stolen depicts the lives of these young girls and their journey to survival.