Shop What's Hot: Social Distance Edit

Social distancing made us do it! After almost a whole year of exercising active social distancing and being unable to hit our favorite stores for the occasional shopping binge, we’ve added a pretty swanky feature to our online shopping platform.

If you’re having trouble figuring out whether that outfit you see on your screen is going to look breathtaking in person, or whether that bewitching leather bag you have your eyes on comes with all the pockets and zips you need, we hear you and have you covered!

Le Mill, Video call, shopping, Gruveo

With our Video Call feature, say hello to our next best solution to shopping at the Le Mill store. The next time you’re browsing through our product pages and feel your mind drifting toward making that buy only when you can make your way to the store – scroll down to unveil the all new and the ever spiffy Video Call option!


How does it work?

Fret not – whether you’re on your desktop or your cell, hitting the video call option is pretty much all you need to do. No details, no breech of privacy – just an exceptional shopping experience and an even better splurge.

You can’t miss this freshly added feature, it’s right under the Add to Cart button and mentions the timings between which our snazzy styling team will be available to help you out with all the tips and tricks you need.

Le Mill, Video call, shopping, Gruveo

No virus should stop you from buying that table that fills up your home with new found warmth or the pair of shoes made to steal hearts and turn heads. We love a good splurge, and would hate to deprive you of one!


Check out this easy breezy feature which requires no login or contact information. Whether you are an Android or iOS user all you need to do is hit the video call button. Since you couldn’t make it to the store, we thought of bringing the store to you!