Alaïa - Legendary label known for its clever cuts, infinitely flattering dresses and a star-studded clientele, makes its Indian debut, exclusively with us.

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      Alaïa is Azzedine Alaïa’s eponymous label known for its clever cuts, infinitely flattering dresses and a star-studded clientele. The Tunisian couturier had mastered the art of creating for the female form. Women who invest in Alaïa are aware they are buying heirloom pieces that stand the test of time.

       If you are truly looking for a timeless piece that you can pass down to future generations, we recommend Alaïa all the way.

      Azzedine Alaïa belonged to a family of wheat farmers in the village of Siliana, Tunisia. He spent most of his time living in the country’s capital Tunis with his grandparents. There he attended the Ecole des Beaux-arts to study sculpture. He supported himself through his art school years by sewing hems for a local dressmaker. Alaïa's tryst with couture started with Madame Richard, a French dressmaker who mimicked couture patterns from Paris for Tunisian clients.

      Fascinated by the world of high fashion, Alaïa chased his fashion dream to Paris and had a brief stint at Christian Dior, under Yves Saint Laurent. Azzedine made his way through couture houses and was gradually introduced to the top tier of Parisian society. In the 1970s he opened his first retail spot in the city, above his apartment, where he found the patronage of stylish women like actress Greta Garbo and French socialite Marie-Hélène de Rothschild. Other French stage actresses, movie stars and socialites became his devoted clientele. After a stint with Thierry Mugler in the 1970s, Maison Alaïa was founded in 1981.

      To really understand the role of Azzedine Alaïa in the world of fashion, is to soak in the pop-culture moments he defined of the time. The designer is known to have created the supermodel moment of the ‘80s, with his star-studded fashion shows in Paris. In 2017, at the age of 77, Azzedine Alaïa passed away, but left a fashion house relevant now and forever. The designer’s memory lives on today in his avant garde and cleverly crafted dresses, that will now live on in the hands of a newly-appointed creative director of the house - Pieter Mulier.

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      Get Your Hands on Iconic Craftsmanship: Find Alaïa’s Collections of Laser-Cut Leather Accessories Online at Le Mill.

      Unlike most designers who favored prints and surface embellishments, Alaïa liked to indulge in the intricate nature of manipulating fabrics. This gave rise to the Alaïa signatures- bodycon silhouettes and laser-cut techniques. These iconic elements have been a regular feat through Alaïa's collections for decades now.

      Nothing makes a statement like an Alaïa bag with the laser-cut perforations that can be recognized instantly. These laser-cut bags are handcrafted with the finest leather. From essential leather totes to playful bucket bags, each Alaïa bag is a work of art. After over a year of waist-up dressing, belts are returning to their former glory. Opt for a waist-cinching corset belt by Alaïa. The bustier has laser-cut details with the label’s signature ‘Vienne’ motif, which evokes the intricate architecture of the French commune it’s named after. Style them with a neutral dress or a crisp white button-down and some cool denim.

      The gladiator-style Alaïa sandals crafted out of laser-cut strips of suede are best paired with minidresses or cropped trousers. Looking for the perfect holiday sandal? The Alaïa sandals will keep you cool and comfortable on countless resort getaways. Wear them with a dress, shorts or ankle-length pants to let the details do the talking.

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      King of Cling: Shop Alaïa Dresses in India Exclusively at Le Mill

      Alaïa’s iconic laser-cut detail is not just restricted to their leather accessories. Translating their signature to ready-to-wear, Alaïa features flared dresses with a geometric motif for the cuts. The laser-cut detailing of the Kalimba dress by Alaïa makes for a perfect cocktail hour addition. Alaïa’s corseted mini dresses are infinitely flattering- owing to the clever cuts and tailored pintucks. Also featuring chunky knits, Alaïa's woven dresses cling to the silhouette to create their iconic fit. Architectural drapes and structural details make for svelte dresses in Alaïa's collections

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