The iconic Parisian fashion house that transitions easily from runway to street

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22 products

The Balenciaga of today is mentioned in the same breath as game changing streetwear. It is known to create cutting edge fashion that everyone from Kendall Jenner to Cardi B have sported time and again. The brand has always tapped into the future of fashion, not just in design but with it’s ideologies too.

It’s unmatched drive for innovation has created a space for Balenciaga clothing in the industry with a disruptive energy.

Right from the beginning Balenciaga clothing was always revered as an avant garde couture house, rooted in it’s exquisite display of sculpted tailoring. Since it’s inception in 1937, Balenciaga clothing has crafted contemporized clothing in ground breaking feminine silhouettes in state-of-the-art shapes, thus, paving the path for modern design. Founder Cristóbal Balenciaga’s understanding of architecture and design was reminiscent in all his concoctions. Unlike most designers that started their design process with sketches, Balenciaga started with draping fabric directly onto mannequins and letting his sensibilities create designs for him. He successfully pioneered silhouettes that have now trickled down and become a part of our everyday attire. The sack dress, Empire line, the chemise, cocoon coat, balloon skirt, baby doll dress, sack dress, tunic dress and balloon jacket count Balenciaga as their trailblazer.

After Cristóbal, many Creative Directors came and left, but the one that got Balenciaga it’s ‘It’ status back was Nicolas Ghesquiere. In the 90’s and 2000s when the world was undergoing a denim and velour overhaul, Nicolas was helming collections that featured sophisticated tailoring and contemporary minimalism. He brought back Cristóbal's classic sensibilities with a twist and created clothing that revived the kind of excellence that Balenciaga clothing was known for.

Currently, Balenciaga clothing is headed by street fashion savant Demna Gvasalia. He is a Georgian fashion designer who has extensive experience in working with contemporary luxury fashion houses. Demna is responsible for breathing a new, rebellious life into this heritage house. He has cemented the label’s name as an iconic, revolutionary institution that can pivot according to changing times. His resurrection of the brand included a major shift from highbrow couture to Gen Z centric street fashion. Gvasalia’s combination of cultural scrutiny and industrial volatility has made him somewhat contradictory to the luxury creative director image. He designs original but opulent everyday wear from within the masses.

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Balenciaga Clothing:

The collections that Balenciaga clothing churns out are a combination of multiple notions: signature styles that have been made iconic over the years, styles that ascribe to current trends or an amalgamation of both. The Ikea-inspired leather tote, the Triple S ‘ugly’ sneakers, the angular Hourglass wallet are some of the most talked about pieces from modern day Balenciaga.

Balenciaga’s outlook towards clothing is quite political. It aims to create an ‘non-exclusive and democratic brand which strays from the path that most heritage houses like to walk on. They infuse disruptive innovation with elegance and leaves a stamp of futuristic sensibilities all over his designs. Over the years, Balenciaga clothing has amassed a community of loyal fans that are fashion forward and cool. The Hourglass silhouette is an archival signature that is relevant in today’s designs as well. In fact, Balenciaga is often seen reviving archival styles into fresh designs with a stamp of cultural influence. The iconic BB moniker has been reimagined various times into the interlocked logo that we see today. Some of their innovations challenge the functionality and rules that surround classic styles. There are multiple bags within Balenciaga’s lines that are designed with a sense of humour. They are inspired by commercial branded packaging and disrupt the well-crafted ideologies that surround luxury accessories. Kitschy pieces like these are what define the brand’s avant garde approach to luxury fashion.

Balenciaga Jackets:

Balenciaga seems to have mastered the art of quintessential athleisure merged with an element of opulence. The hoodie, for example, has gone through a complete transformation. It has gone from drowning out in the crowds to standing up on the stage. Athletic Bombers have regained popularity owing to Balenciaga’s jackets and are said to have become the Gen Z’s blazer of choice. They have also rummaged around in the archives and resurrected Balenciaga’s signature exaggerated Hourglass silhouette. This silhouette is infused in Balenciaga’s jackets and coats through exceptional tailoring and innovation. Balenciaga’s jackets aim to define as well as refine outfits and add an element of kitsch to them.

Balenciaga Shoes:

Tapping into hardcore street style, Balenciaga shoes feature a range of hard to miss sneakers that have quickly gathered cult status within the world of athleisure. The Triple S ‘ugly’ sneakers are the Balenciaga shoes which kicked off a trend that became athleisure’s most famously resold product- the dad sneaker. As mentioned frequently in rap music, Balenciaga's Speed Sneakers are ‘shoes that look like socks’ and feature a sneaker sole. Balenciaga shoes feature a retro aesthetic that has carved a niche for themselves.