Casegoods at Le Mill offers an unique collection of furniture and lights rooted in the Indian tradition of craft yet adhering to contemporary living.

      30 products

      30 products

      Contemporary organic design married with an Indian artisanal edge. Casegoods is a label that engineers a unique range of furniture and home products. Implanting minimalism and functional design within their signature aesthetic, Casegoods designs products that are invested in fine craftsmanship.

      Case Design is an architectural practice that was incepted to create relevant designs, keeping in mind the correlation of people with objects and spaces. Samuel Barclay was only an architecture student when he came to Mumbai. In his pursuit of creativity, Samuel found himself apprenticing under some of the most celebrated names in the Indian architecture industry. Over a decade later, Samuel helmed Case Design in Mumbai, whose projects are now peppered all across India, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Along with Case Design’s Creative Director- Paul Michelson, Casegoods was then created as a natural extension to it’s parent studio. Case Design’s refined sensibilities and sleek aesthetics are translated through Casegood’s collection of furniture, lights, and objects.

      After kicking off as a boutique brand that designs dynamic customs pieces, Casegoods is now an international brand that is rooted in design and culture. Their production techniques are an amalgamation of traditional artistry, passed down through lineages, and modern design that places functionality and innovation at the apex. Finely handcrafted products are engineered with assistance from state of the art technology and age-old knowledge of human interaction with objects. Each of Casegoods’ wholesome pieces go through an intense development process that confirms and demonstrates their performance, durability, aesthetics, and life-cycle. Iteration and distillation are practiced that are carried out while creating Casegoods’ furniture collections to ensure ergonomic products.

      Casegoods’ furniture collections are developed with craftspeople and artisans whose experience of the craft stem back to over two decades. Quite often, these craftspeople and artisans are a part of family run craft collectives. Their heritage dates back to more than 40 generations, where a deep understanding of materials and methods is what makes Casegoods’ traditional furniture exceptional.

      The Mumbai studio churns out high quality, sustainable designs that are exemplary of a collaborative effort. Casegoods’ furniture collections comprise of geometrically sound products that stretch from the ‘Rolling Round' lamp in rosewood and brass, ‘Topologic' bowls chiseled from teak, rosewood or mahogany, ‘Three Leg' tables with an option of stone or wood for the top.

      Add a touch of innovation to your spaces and shop Casegood’s design led furniture at Le Mill.