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      Collectiva Concepción is a Mexico-based brand that supports the artisan communities. . Shop the label collection at Le Mill. 

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      With vibrant Mexican design embedded in the DNA, Collectiva Concepción is an environmentally and socially conscious luxury label. While paying homage to forty rural communities that are involved in hand crafts, Collectiva Concepción has established itself as the first accessible luxury brand rooted in Mexican design.

      Concha Orvañanos was a professional belonging to the finance sector. With a vision to uplift traditional Mexican culture and people, Orvanaños left the world of number crunching to incept Collectiva Concepción in 2011. The foundation of this brand was laid owing to a local shoe designing competition that Concha Orvañanos won with a traditional huarache design. This led to the beginning of a craft led footwear label that has now turned into the full-fledged Ready to Wear brand that we know today. With roots that run deep in Mexico, Collectiva Concepción’s designer collections also retain internationally in Asia, Europe and Central America. 

      Fair trade is a priority at Collectiva Concepción. They believe that ‘business can be a positive force for people, the environment as well as the economy’. They have successfully formed an enterprise that produces sustainable luxury fashion on a mass scale while also maintaining the ethics of fair trade and elevating their crafts community. Arroz con Leche is a non-profit that Collectiva Concepción has partnered with to elevate a sensitive community, without comprising on their deep-rooted heritage. NGOs like Aid to Artisans and NGO Impacto are also organizations that Collectiva Concepción collaborates with to give back to the society and encourage people to pursue at-risk craftsmanship and artistry.  

      From Collectiva Concepción’s designer skirts, shorts to tops and dresses, every design from their collection is designed to feature indigenous Mexican artistry with a contemporary edge. Traditional Mexican aesthetics and styles are accentuated with romantic, ethereal silhouettes in soft and earthy hues. A team of 30 local designers based out of Mexico City are responsible for weaving modern ideologies into indigenous styles. With sustainably sourced materials and fabrications that are commissioned from local weavers, Collectiva Concepción’s contemporary designs are an essential addition to any fashion forward wardrobe.  

      Collectiva Concepción employs a Pedal Loom in Pátzcauro, Mexico. The Pedal Loom belongs to Spain. In the 16th century, it was introduced to Mexico by the Spanish Conquistadores. Owing to it’s sheer size, the hefty Pedal Loom can weave fabrics of varying sizes and widths. It’s operations are traditionally carried out by men- a synchronized movement between the hands, feet and fabric is strenuously carried out for the Pedal Loom to function. Collectiva Concepción currently works with 8 Pedal Loom craftsman to weave Mexican charm into their designs.  

      Collectiva Concepción’s curation of heritage artistry and their reinterpretations of current styles have paved a unique identity for this conscious label. Collectible heirlooms in the form of Collectiva Concepción’s designer skirts, designer shorts, sleeveless tops, pants and other styles are offered in their collections.  

      Shop Collectiva Concepción’s designer collections online to take a step towards saving at-risk Mexican crafts, exclusively in India at Le Mill’s online store.