Estaa - Explore the timeless collections of Estaa's bespoke jewellery. Designed with contemporary sensibilities, their fine jewellery employs exquisite gemstones and diamonds in vivid hues.

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      21 products

      Designed with contemporary sensibilities, Estaa fine jewellery employs exquisite gemstones and diamonds in vivid hues. If timeless designer jewellery is what you are on the hunt for, find them within the collections of Estaa. Their fine jewellery employs exquisite gemstones and diamonds in vivid hues that are set within pieces that are designed with contemporary sensibilities.

      Estaa’s collections interweave wisdom with gemstones and metals rooted in the now. Le Mill gives you the 101 on this fine jewellery label. 

      Incepted by mother-son duo Swati and Pratik Shah, Estaa is a result of their family legacy. Swati grew up amidst whirring diamond polishing machines and skilled craftsmen. Her father was a site holder for the South African DeBeers Diamond Trading Corporation. Through her world travels, Swati developed a passion for designing jewelry for her father’s rare stones that are now translated through Estaa’s collections. She soon began designing collections using diamonds and gemstones, set in gold. Her clientele was spread across Bombay and New York with an overwhelming response.  

      Pratik finished his business degree from Bryant University, USA. He became an apprentice at the largest exporter of jewelry from India. Soon enough, Swati’s experience in retail services and Pratik’s manufacturing experience for some of the largest jewellers in the world was merged together to form Estaa. This manifested into a new vision sensitized by global exposure, design expertise and infinite passion. Over the next few years, Pratik and Swati collaborated with various Italian high jewellery brands and successfully set up a retail business across the country and internationally with Estaa’s collections. Since it’s inception in 2009, Estaa has partnered with the Barbier Mueller Museum, Parisian Gallery Karry Berreby, and ETHOS of London. 

      Discover Estaa’s collections of contemporary fine jewellery at our brick-and-mortar store in Colaba or browse online at 

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      Estaa’s gold jewellery carries an unparalleled edge that is contributed by fine craftsmanship and intelligent design. Not ascribing to particular occasions, Estaa’s collections feature a mix of simplistic everyday elegance and bespoke, statement making styles. Estaa’s gold jewellery emanates exactly the kind of luxury that is quintessential to heritage jewellery. It has an imaginative flair derived from fusing classic sensibilities with structured detailing. 

      With a philosophy of inspiring and being inspired, Estaa’s collections are adapted by constantly innovating techniques and by taking a scientific approach towards jewellery. The design team studies physics, mechanics, geometry and even chemistry to innovate with crafting techniques, metals and other stones. The integration of 3D designing and printing as part of their crafting techniques is a cutting-edge approach that Estaa employs to custom fit pieces to the client’s body. 

      Le Mill houses an array of exceptional fine jewellery brands that are handpicked to fit right into the fashion forward wardrobe of the contemporary Indian woman. Estaa’s collections are carefully curated to be flaunted, rather than being trapped away in a locker.  We strive to give you pieces whose value extends far beyond just aesthetics. What you can expect at Le Mill is designer jewellery from Estaa that is highly sought after and crafted by skilled artisans with the finest of materials. 

      Le Mill is India’s first multi-designer retailer to venture into fine jewellery. To shop pieces from Estaa collections you can visit our brick-and-mortar store in Colaba or browse online at 

      How to style Estaa’s collections with everyday wear? 

      Jewels are embedded in the fabric of Indian culture. Here fine jewellery extends far beyond mere adornment, it is considered to be one’s heritage that can be passed down through generations. Our craftsman and artisans have the ability to translate avant garde ideas into remarkable renditions. What predominantly used to be an occasion specific genre of fashion, fine jewellery is now weaving it’s way through the everyday stylings of India’s fashion enthusiasts. 

      You don’t have to wait for a wedding or festivities anymore to bring out your fine jewellery collections from the vault. Estaa’s collections can be seamlessly incorporated into contemporary, everyday outfits. Fine jewellery pieces like gold cuffs and gemstone studs can be paired with a classic white shirt to offset their colours. For your next date night, pair and LBD with uncut diamond earrings from Estaa for a chic evening look. Estaa’s lineup of flower earrings are head turners that can be styled for casual or dressier occasions.  

      Estaa’s gold jewellery collections also include versatile, modular pieces that can be incorporated into your outfit in many ways- bracelets that can be converted to chokers, earrings with detachable elements and many more styles. With a wide array of rare diamonds, rubies, emeralds, tourmalines, sapphires and enamel styles, Estaa’s collections are equipped with gems and elements that can be paired with contemporary wear for striking looks. 

      Explore the timeless collections of Estaa's bespoke jewellery at our brick-and-mortar store in Colaba or browse online at