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      10 products

      If fun accessories are what you have been looking for, your search ends at lanyards, necklaces and phone accessories from Natelzee by Prriya Nathani. Go hassle-free with Natelzee by Prriya Nathani’s eye-catching lanyards that can be worn crossbody or around the wrist.

      Prriya Nathani is a fashion entrepreneur and restaurateur who aims to add a touch of playful to your everyday with her accessories label- Natelzee by Prriya Nathani.

      Housing some of the trendiest accessories, Natelzee by Prriya Nathani is your one stop shop for all things fun. From crossbody phone straps and beaded wristlets to fashion jewellery, the brand carries something for everyone. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted using only the finest materials to bring joy to your every day. Founded by Prriya Nathani, Natelzee is best known for its versatile phone straps and wristlets that have now become the most undisputed go-to accessory.

      Le Mill houses an array of pieces from Natelzee's collections that are handpicked to fit right into the fashion-forward wardrobe of the contemporary Indian woman. Collections of Natelzee by Prriya Nathani are carefully curated to be seamlessly incorporated into your everyday outfits. These pieces carry an unparalleled edge that is contributed by fine craftsmanship and intelligent design. Not ascribing to particular occasions, our curations of Natelzee by Prriya Nathani feature a mix of simplistic everyday elegance and statement-making styles. We strive to give you pieces whose value extends far beyond just aesthetics. What you can expect at Le Mill is Natelzee’s collections that are highly sought after and crafted by skilled artisans with the best of materials.

      At Le Mill, we help you look for pieces that are worth having and cater to your individual style. Find Natelzee’s jewellery and lanyards that make for the perfect additions to your fashion jewellery collections only at Le Mill. Discover Natelzee by Prriya Nathani at our brick-and-mortar store in Colaba or browse online at

      Buy Natelzee By Prriya Nathani Accessories Online From Le Mill

      Natelzee’s accessory collections are home to a range of finely crafted fashion jewellery that will easily find a home within your jewellery boxes. Their collections include crossbody lanyards, embellished wristlets, phone accessories and necklaces. With a playful colour palette being a Natelzee by Prriya Nathani signature, their contemporary pieces can be worn on the daily.

      Natelzee’s pieces draw inspiration from Indian craftsmanship, as seen on everything from their phone accessories to necklaces. Pieces are crafted with love and a keen eye on the most minute details. Natelzee’s design processes are a journey- one filled with exploration, creation and joy. The homegrown label strives to offer you joyful accessories & jewellery - crafted with utmost love and care.

      Discover Natelzee by Prriya Nathani collections of contemporary fine jewellery at our brick-and-mortar store in Colaba or browse online at

      Pick Fun Fashion Accessories from Natelzee By Prriya Nathani

      Get one for yourself or gift it to a loved one- lanyards and necklaces from Natelzee by Priya Nathani has playful collections that are multifunctional. Have your pick of accessories from Natelzee by Priya Nathani at Le Mill.

      Adorned with an evil eye and tassels, Natelzee by Priya Nathani’s crossbody lanyards doubles up as a mask chain, a sunglass strap, a wrap around bracelet, a phone strap or a necklace as well. The strap comes with hooks on either side making it easy to attach onto your mask, and also comes with 2 sunglass attachments loops. These crossbody straps from Natelzee by Priya Nathani are crafted from thread braids in vivid hues, vivid printed casing and dainty charms that add a touch of fun.

      Natelzee’s shorter wristlet straps are crafted with embellished rhinestones, tassels, evil eye talismans and dainty charms. Attach them to your phones for a comfortable, hands-free time wherever you go. These wristlets from Natelzee by Priya Nathani are equipped with a small thread loop that can be attached to phone covers with an accommodating fixture.

      Chain link necklaces from Natelzee by Priya Nathani are the perfect addition to your stacks. Crafted from gold-tone metal, these necklaces feature a chunky chain link that sits closer to the neck. The pendant features an evil eye or ‘Amour’ motif in enamel. These necklaces from Natelzee by Priya Nathani are crafted to add a touch of colour to your outfits.

      Find wearable collections of Natelzee by Priya Nathani at Le Mill. You can expect a line of handcrafted contemporary jewellery pieces from Natelzee by Priya Nathani at Le Mill’s online store- This range of Natelzee by Priya Nathani collection is carefully curated to fit the needs of the modern Indian woman.