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      Rosetta Getty – American fashion designer, crafting the wardrobe of our times with her effortless, tailored and minimal pieces.

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      2 products

      If you are a bona fide minimalist, the collections of Los Angeles based designer Rosetta Getty are what you have been looking for. Their designs will make for a sophisticated wardrobe that is rooted in fine craftsmanship and tailoring. Add simplistic finesse to your looks with Rosetta Getty’s artfully engineered clothing.

      In recent years, the world has experienced a sudden influx of minimalism and downplayed aesthetics that seem to have risen from a Scandinavian school of thought. This form of visual stylings when paired with fashion translates to a form of ‘boiled down to essentials’ luxury that places craftsmanship and artistry at the apex of the production process. Rosetta Getty’s designs have embodied this new sensibility of design.

      With understated elegance at the core of their signature aesthetic, Rosetta Getty established her eponymous label in 2015. Rosetta’s tryst with fashion began with a modelling career in her late teens. After playing muse to many major photographers and designers, Rosetta decided to launch her own line of luxury kids wear that was eponymous to her maiden name- Rosetta Millington. Following this, Rosetta married actor and heir Balthazar Getty which placed Rosetta right in the middle of the Los Angeles’s social circuit. She shuttered the kids wear line post the birth of her first child. Her next brainchild was a collection of red carpet fashion and cocktail dresses called Riser Goodwyn. This caught the eye of many Hollywood celebrities and fashion aficionados alike.

      The third time, with her eponymous label, Rosetta Getty decided to design fashion that was akin to her own sensibilities. This time around, she designed reimagining herself as her primary customer. She felt a gap in the market for elegant clothing that ascribed to her androgynous-feminine aesthetic and decided to bridge it with her own brand. A self-defined tomboy, what bothered Rosetta Getty was the sheer lack of fashion-forward clothes that were not essentially effeminate. She set out to redefine the meaning of luxury- one that involves a sense of ease paired with timeless style. She also wanted to design for the ‘on the go’ mom who cannot dedicate more than a few minutes to her dress-up routine. Having four children herself, Rosetta wanted to put together capsules of looks that made dressing up feel like a piece of cake rather than a daily struggle.  Rosetta Getty leads a bi-coastal lifestyle, splitting her time between her home in Los Angeles and her atelier in New York. A discerning attribute from both of these cities is evident in her designs. Los Angeles has influenced a generally relaxed vibe that the clothes exude while combining New York’s confident edge.

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      Redefining quintessential silhouettes

      A daughter of two artists, Rosetta Getty always had an affinity towards the arts and began collecting from a very young age. Her knack for art finds it’s way through her collections as well. They are not only inspired by all things art, but every collection from Rosetta Getty is designed in collaboration with an artist. These collaborations are contributive in the various processes of designing. Prints, silhouettes, colour palettes and ironic details that play to the tunes of the artist’s sense of humor are combined with Rosetta Getty’s refined aesthetic. 

      The compilation of capsules at Rosetta Getty are all about reinventing their quintessential silhouettes while also creating new styles. The Apron Wrap Shirt Dress, the Cropped Flare Pants, the Mercerized Cotton T-shirt, and the Cropped Front Pullover are some of the key styles that are adapted with each collection. A meticulous approach is employed to ensure absolute luxury within each piece of clothing or accessories. These Ready to Wear collections are crafted from the most sumptuous fabrics and expert artistry. 

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      Rosetta Getty Dresses

      A Minimalist’s Dream

      The ease of slipping into a chic dress, especially when you’re a mother always on the go, feels like a luxury in itself. Rosetta Getty’s collections are designed to cater to exactly that niche. Elevated essentials are inclusive of signature hardware, subtle contrasts, simple prints and tailored surprises. Dresses from Rosetta Getty’s Ready to Wear collections are fluid and functional. They seamlessly transition from day to night and allow the wearer with no-brainer looks that can be easily thrown together. 

      Eveningwear is simplified with classic silhouettes that refrain from being overtly feminine. Gowns are designed to feature functional details like traces of aprons, pinafores and shirt silhouettes. The colour palettes are mostly kept tonal with subtle hues woven in. A subtle blend of textures is also to be expected from Rosetta Getty’s edits.