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      Holistic wellness and self-care through metamorphic aromatherapy, Secret Alchemist presents hair oil, gel to skincare oil to relax you in today's fast-paced world.

      14 products

      14 products

      Occasional indulgences are key to tackling today’s fast paced world. With self care at the core, relaxation and rejuvenation is what this nature derived brand ascribes to provide. Turn to Secret Alchemist’s range of Aromatherapy products when holistic wellness and self care is what you seek.

      Aromatherapy is construed as both an art and a science. Having been around for a couple of tens of thousand years, it is a naturally extracted healing treatment that is proven to help better the health of the mind, the body as well as the spirit. Benefitting both the physique and the psyche is a feat of Aromatherapy that makes it a necessary science of life. The term ‘Aromatherapy’ was created by a French chemist named Rene-Maurice Gattefosse in 1937. However, the extraction of flower essences was incepted by Ancient Egyptians a few millenniums before. They are known to be the first perfumers in the history of this world. They believed that beauty, medicine and magic work in tandem and began using the flower essences for holistic healing. The Chinese are also said to be credit with using aromatic oils as a mood enhancer.

      Mother daughter duo Ankita and Sumi Thadani are ardent admirers of the healing powers of Aromatherapy. They have partnered up for the last 20 years to formulate and perfect products and boost their efficacy. Sumi Thadani has been an avid Aromatherapist for two decades and has been imparting her expertise on the subject through a salon that retails in handcrafted products. A true experimenter, Sumi Thadani’s creativity is what formed the bedrock of Secret Alchemist. Her daughter Ankita Thadani is an architect who spent her the days of her childhood learning the art of handcrafted blends while observing and helping her mother. Along with her mother, Ankita Thadani shaped this therapeutic endeavor. They have both transformed this centuries old practice with a modern, artisanal touch. Together they are spearheading the revival of Aromatherapy by spreading awareness and knowledge about it’s benefits through Secret Alchemist.

      Organic ingredients of the best quality are sourced to ensure an all-natural self care regime. Secret Alchemist’s products are therapeutic blends that are mindfully created to engage the user in an enriching experience. This sustainable wellness label is a small family owned and one that curates eco-friendly ingredients as a commitment to not just providing the best of holistic care to their customers, but also to practice environmental responsibility.

      Secret Alchemist Skin Care Oils 

      Essential oils are unadulterated plant extracts that are retrieved from flowers, herbs, leaves, fruits, stems and other parts. These oils are supplied for therapeutic use that promotes the wellbeing of one’s mind, body and spirit. Carrier oils are base oils that are used to mitigate the potency of essential oils and bring them to levels that are safer for direct use.  Secret Alchemist’s oils are formulated from all-natural essential oils and carrier oils.

      Secret Alchemist’s range of healing concoctions include Massage oils, Bath oils and Skin Care Oils and Gels that work their way into the skin and heal through topical application. Our body’s olfactory system is intertwined with it’s limbic system- one that governs our emotions and psychology. Diffuser containers, sprays, or breathing in oil droplets can benefit your mind and mood through olfactory simulation. Secret Alchemist’s core lies within the synergy of awakening, healing and balancing the state of your senses, body and mind. 

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      Buy Secret Alchemist Reliever and Massage Oil Collection

      Expect Holistic Rejuvenation like never before

      Secret Alchemist’s botanical oil collections include a range of discomfort reliever oils that can be used to ease conditions like Anxiety, Cold and Pre Menstrual Tension. These oils are concocted from essential oils that stimulate the olfactory senses and employ the limbic system to provide psychological care.

      Other Secret Alchemist Aromatherapy oils also help refine and enrich the lifestyle of their user. There are oils to help improve Sleep, to enhance Productivity and to provide Relaxation through inhalation. These oils holistically tailored to provide a sensorial experience to rejuvenate the mind. 

      There are various Massage Oils in Secret Alchemist’s product roster that tackle various issues through topical application. The Toning Body Massage Oil, Relieving Joint Pain Oil, Restorative Premature Greying Oil, Clarifying Dandruff Oil, Nourishing Hair Growth Oil, Detoxing Cellulite Oil and Reviving Anti Hair Fall Oil are used to massage on various parts of the body- from scalp to feet.

      Secret Alchemist Gels 

      Make way for Healthy Skin

      The skin care product range of Secret Alchemist also includes a range of facial gels that help restore our skin’s health. The Fade Acne Scar Gel, the Glow Pigmentation Gel, the Purify Pimple Gel and the Refine Visible Pores Gel helps tackle various skin issues with an all natural list of ingredients.