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      52 products

      Shirts are perennially stylish. It is one of the easiest genres of clothing to incorporate into a no-fail outfit formula. While a classic, menswear inspired poplin shirt may very well hold a place in your wardrobe, find some of the most fashion forward styles of designer shirts within Le Mill’s extensive collection.

      An absolute staple, the shirt has seen quite an evolution- from a utilitarian menswear option to the tailored, elevated wardrobe hero that we see today.

      The first ever shirts were worn in the medieval times to protect the body from chafing by metal armor. This later evolved into an undershirt that acted as a hygienic barrier to protect expensive clothing during the 19th century. This evolution later iterated the shirt into a tailored essential, worn under blazers. In the 1920s, with the ascension of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel to the fashion scene, gender and class boundaries were broken down. With a more relaxed and contemporary take on womenswear-tight corsets were swapped out for relaxed fit button downs. This transformation liberated women from the discomfort of the past with a far more convenient piece of clothing- one that could be designed with lighter fabrications into a looser fit that allows it’s wearer to move freely. The second World War transformed the zeitgeist of fashion in the 1940s. Owing to the rationing of resources and the trending military inspired styles, shirts made their staple space in women’s wardrobes.

      Designer shirts since then have made their way into outfits for almost every occasion. With androgynous fashion taking over, designer shirts can be styled in a range of innovative ways. Tie up an oversized style with flared jeans, tuck in a classic button down with slim trousers, pair a cropped shirt with shorts or add a belt to a long one and wear it as a dress. The options are unlimited with this versatile piece of clothing.

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      Le Mill Decodes an Easy Guide to Style Designer Shirts

      Shirts are seasonless. They are feminine, flattering and come in a wide array of styles. Picking between oversized, cropped, printed, ruffled, and embroidered can be a challenging task. We decode the styling codes of designer shirts for every occasion.

      Printed Hawaiian designer shirts are always a playful option when it comes to casual occasions. The sporty silhouette allows for free movement and absolute comfort. Dress shirts have always been the icon for power dressing. The quintessential crisp white designer shirt should always be your go to option for any wardrobe crisis- as a solution for a work wear dilemma, on a hot summer day or even as a no-brainer for a day on the go. Lacy, ruffled designer shirts will help you fit right in on a tropical holiday. When it comes to a day on the go, oversized designer shirts will have you feeling comfortable and looking chic. Button down peasant blouses are a nostalgic style of designer shirts, reminiscent of the bohemian ‘60s. The quintessential chic designer shirt, peasant blouses are a popular choice for any carefree occasion.

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      Shop Trendy Designer Shirts for Women Online at Le Mill

      Finding the perfect shirt- one that fits well, looks good and is comfortable to wear, now made easy with Le Mill’s curations of shirts by designers and labels from around the world. Each piece has unmissable characteristics to it, whether it be a striking print, an iconic silhouette or a distinctive cut.

      Heritage luxury houses are the definitive word when it comes to illustrating trends. They are investment pieces that will be worth their value owing to their classic designs and durable construction. Tapping into hard core street style, Balenciaga’s designer shirts feature a range of hard to miss colour palettes, iconic prints, and refined styles that have amassed cult status within the world of athleisure and luxury fashion. Staple styles from Saint Laurent are power shirts that have carved a niche for themselves. Chloé's understated classics are the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe.

      Boutique brands have been rising to the ranks of cult status in the last few years owing to social media. Designer shirts from labels like Jacquemus, De Castro, Malie and more are the perfect edits to add to any fashion forward wardrobe. Their elevated basics are crafted with tailored twists. These designer shirts are crafted with an eye for detail and comfort while playing with proportions, architectural elements and chic embellishments.

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