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      Silvia Tcherassi - The Colombian designer known for her dramatic sleeves and playful prints.

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      Latin American luxury label Silvia Tcherassi has been representative of Colombia’s vibrant culture since its inception in 1987. It has since defined the landscape of Colombian design and put South American fashion on the global map. Silvia Tcherassi has been responsible for tagging luxury fashion with a relaxed, fresh take.

      Silvia Tcherassi runs her eponymous label with her daughter Sofia Tcherassi with designs that celebrate Latin American artistry and crafts. 

      Originally, Silvia Tcherassi stepped into the design industry with a degree in Interior Design. A true creative at heart, she found herself branching out to other mediums of expression. She began upcycling T-shirts by appliquéing exotic materials. These materials were scooped from the surplus of an accessory company’s cutting floor. Silvia Tcherassi’s friends who were privy to these T-shirts seemed to never get enough of her crafty designs. This led to a widespread of word-of-mouth ‘marketing’ that kicked off Silvia’s label. She decided to design clothes that complimented the T-shirts. As her brand grew, she began being revered to as the designer who merged elegant luxury with a relaxed edge, refraining from any excessive details. As part of her Colombian heritage, Silvia Tcherassi focused on creating a legacy out of her eponymous label. After her take off into Ready to Wear, Silvia turned her label into a family run business.  

      Born in Colombia along the Caribbean coast, Silvia Tcherassi was brought up in a tropical environment with an abundance of resources. She grew up amidst a culture that was rich in vivid colours and bold spirit. Colombia was always well known for their textile production and manufacturing. What was missing was the edge of design that was original to Latin America. Silvia combined all the attributes from Colombia’s vivacious culture as her brand’s vision. The Silvia Tcherassi label is highly regarded to be one of the first and most successful ‘made in Colombia’ brands.

      Silvia Tcherassi exemplifies the modernization of Latin American culture and craftsmanship through her designs. For her contribution to the fashion industry, Silvia Tcherassi has been awarded one of the highest honors in France- Chavelier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of the Arts and the Letters). She has also been invited to showcase her collection at the official Paris Fashion Week by the esteemed Fédération Française de la Couture. A collection called ‘Unbridaled: The Marriage of Tradition and Avant Garde’ curated by the Paris Haute Couture Week also included one of her designs on display.  Silvia Tcherassi penned down her insights on the art of dressing and impeccable style in the bestseller Elegancia sin Esfuerzoz (Effortless Elegance). Tcherassi Hotels is a lifestyle brand that deals in hospitality and real estate. Silvia has developed the Tcherassi Hotel and Spa in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia which is revered as one of the best in the world by Condé Nast Traveler.

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      While the flamboyance of Latin American culture has been used as inspiration time and again, Silvia Tcherassi has embraced an amalgamation of Colombian craftsmanship and contemporary design. This is a label that is rooted in innovation and evolution, an incessant need to stay relevant to the times. Silvia Tcherassi’s collections embrace effortless luxury. The brand’s DNA comprises demi couture designs- merging together Prêt-à-Porter with fabrications of haute couture standards. These high fashion styles are engineered with techniques that combine cultural roots with Avant Garde details. 

      Apart from clothing, Silvia Tcherassi also features a line of jewellery, hats and bags that are fit for a fiesta. Exemplary to modernizing their culture, Silvia Tcherassi reimagined the traditional Colombian Mochilla bag. It is included in their designer accessories roster in variants with lace, silk and Swarovski embellishments. These are a staple in the wardrobes of fashion-forward women around the globe. 

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      Employing European materials with Latin American artistry has incepted a refined aesthetic that is reminiscent in Silvia Tcherassi’s designs. Easy, elegant, calm, fluid can be used in the same breath as Silvia Tcherassi’s dresses. As a part of the brand’s ethos, the dresses tell a story of their own. Bold prints, exaggerated feminine elements, flattering fits and sensuous cuts make for ethereal dresses that seem straight out of a modern-day fairytale.

      Silvia Tcherassi’s Skirts

      And why we can’t get enough of them!

      Voluminous ruffles, dainty pleats, whimsical fabrics, striking patterns and exquisite tailoring are some elements that are featured in Silvia Tcherassi’s skirts. Hem lines that stretch from flirty minis to chic maxis are available as a part of the designer collections. Shop these pieces exclusively with Le Mill.