Love Potion by Misa
Love Potion by Misa
Love Potion by Misa

Love Potion

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Love Potion's floral notes are synchronously intense and refined. The bouquet of Roses matched with Apple Blossom creates that perfect date night vibe. This one is for keeps.

Notes: Rose & Apple Blossom
Style: Floral and Sensual
Burn Time: ≈ 70 hours


  • Black 


  • Made in the USA by the best perfumers
  • Fine quality, natural essential oils
  • 100% soy wax without chemicals or dyes
  • Unique fragrances with a balanced throw
  • Animal and environment-friendly manufacturing
  • Premium jars and packaging


  • 10.8cm X 8.3cm X 8.3cm

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