Malka Scarf
Malka Scarf

Malka Scarf

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This Nila unisex scarf was inspired by the blue and white tiles seen is the fabled city of Samarkhand. The handwoven, naturally dyed Malkha cotton is an exemplary example of sustainable textile. Malkha’s mission is to present an evolved alternative to the industrial model of making cotton. They eliminate unnecessary steps in the journey from plant to cloth to preserve the earth and the intrinsic properties of the cotton, as well as adopting a no-compromise approach to natural dyes.

Malka Cotton with Kantha embroidery


  • White & Indigo


  • 100% Cotton 


  • 50 x 50 cms

Nila’s journey can be traced to its meaning in Hindi: blue. It refers to the art of creating the ancient, plant-based indigo dye. The word stems from the Greek Indikon, meaning ‘from India’.
The Nila Collection explores natural indigo - incorporating the ancient, mysterious dye into handmade weaves, prints, and embroideries while honoring the simplicity of its dip-dyed shades.

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