Selena Serving Spoons

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Selena Serving Spoons

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When the pianist in the ballroom hits a high note, cravats, silk sarees and silverware sparkle together in delight.

Archaeological evidence shows that brass has been used in India since the third century BC. Where the ancient craftsmen made sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses using a naturally healing five-metal alloy called panchdhatu. Considered to be the most sophisticated, Brass cutlery is still preferred among affluent Indian households. Our immigrating artists operate in Moradabad, the largest copper making region of India, rightfully known as the Peetal Nagri (Brass City). Where they use advanced technologies like electroplating, lacquering and powder coating to create contemporary metalware adorned with time-tested designs --- an absolute treat for the modern-vintage soul.

Made in:   Uttar Pradesh

Material:  Brass

Dimensions (cm):  Length: 35.1, Height: 3.9, Breadth: 7.4, Dia: 7.1

No. of pieces in a set:  3, Set of Three Serving Spoons

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