5 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

Priyanka Shah is a creative director, set stylist, graphic designer and fantasy botanist. She worked in graphic designing for years before conceptualising her “fantasy botanist” series which led to her working with iconic photographer, Rid Burman and as the stars would have it, led her to Le Mill, two years ago. Her precise, technical skill and perspective as a graphic designer translates into her conceptual work, bringing a fantastical, playful mood in everything she does. We spoke to the bubbly and ever so humble Priyanka about her latest shoot with us, launching our Le Mill Living section, the brands she swoons over and her tips on doing up the house. Feel inspired by any of these pieces? Well, then what’s stopping you, bring them home, with the click of a button.

Tell us about yourself and your work.

I am a Mumbai-based Graphic Designer, stylist and visual artist. After having worked with multiple design agencies for 7 years, I found myself restricted to computer softwares and wanted to get my hands dirty, explore more physical mediums. I run a young multidisciplinary studio (Studio Lalala) that also indulges in visual storytelling through image building (brand photoshoots), visual merchandising, tablescapes, installations and event design, etc. My love for nature and fear of the unknown have given birth to an evolving series of art prints ‘Fantasy Botanicals’ where I design my own plants. One of my favourite projects include one where we made "human" botanical sculptors with Jim Sarbh.

As a visual artist, what do you think us regular people can borrow from your artistic practice as we do up our own homes?

Here are five ways to bring life to your space, using Le Mill’s recently launched living section.

1. Texture Play

Play with the texture of contrasting pieces and colours. For example, you could roll out a beautifully woven rug, pull out some ceramics made of natural materials like wood, bamboo, etc. This creates an aura of intrigue in a home and adds depth to a space. Browns add a lot of warmth to a home. Also, brown with red is innately chic.

Claymen, Veena Pottery, Americano, home, personality, home interior

 (Brands used: Claymen, Veena Pottery, Americano)

2. Bold Minimalism

If you have a minimalist aesthetic, do away with prints and patterns. Use clean bold elements with a strong sense of design. Le Mill has curated objects made out of stone, marble and ceramics.

home, personality, home interior, Claymen, Objectry, Koy Store, Design Temple, Americano

(Brands used: Claymen, Objectry, Koy Store, Design Temple, Americano)

3. An Accent Piece Makes All The Difference

If your home is filled with muted tones, simple fabrics and simple furniture, enhance your space with a beautiful accent piece from Le Mill. This porcelain vase we shot on the size zero chair creates a great contrast and completes the look.

home, personality, home interior, Mozez Singh, Veena Pottery

(Brands used: Mozez Singh, Veena Pottery)

4. Layer Patterns

Layering colours, prints and patterns add so much dimension to a room. Wallpapers with interesting patterns set the mood in a room. Layer your sofas with embroidered/knitted cushion and throws. You can stick to a particular pattern type to maintain cohesiveness like bohemian, eastern or geometric or you could also mix them for a dose of pep. Intricate patterns can add details, while an oversized pattern can anchor a space.

home, personality, home interior, Phantom Hands, Atelier Lalmitti

(Brands used: Phantom Hands, Atelier Lalmitti)

5. Eccentric Stories

Let your space tell your story and reflect your personality. You’re spending more time than ever at home, so fill your space with all the fun elements you’ve resisted buying up until now - blend pieces from different time periods and movements. I also recommend contrasting and complementing colours, textures and objects. Unexpected touches are the soul of an unconventional home. Animal prints epitomize glamour and taste timelessly. They add sass to a space.

home, personality, home interior, Casegoods, Design Temple

(Brands used: Casegoods, Design Temple)

What are your favourite pieces and home brands?

My top 3 include Veena Pottery (I love the pink crockery set), Phantom Hands, Arjun Rathi's lights and Koy Store.

Shop for these pieces among others on our Living section.


All photographs by Mehi Shah.

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