Is AI The Answer To Our Problems?

Life is a riddle. So many musings in our everyday existence conclude with questions no one seems to have answers to. Who do you head to for advice and solace when the usual suspects fail? We hit up Chat GPT, world’s most famous AI platform that generates solutions within seconds. Touted to be integrated in apps with ease in the near future, this chatbot seems to have an answer for everything or at least, nearly everything. Here’s how it fared with our line of questioning.

Is there a glitch in the matrix?

Is AI The Answer To Our Problems?

If there is a glitch in the matrix, as the concept of a "matrix" is a fictional construct from the movie "The Matrix." However, if you are referring to the phenomenon of experiencing a sense of unreality or déjà vu, there could be a number of explanations for this, ranging from neurological or psychological factors to environmental or situational factors. If you are experiencing a sense of disorientation or confusion, it may be best to seek the advice of a medical professional or mental health expert.

I rate this answer a poor 1.5 stars. It doesn’t answer the question in any way besides asking me to seek professional help for wondering if I am stuck in a post-apocalyptic world where bots are controlling my life, which in fact seems very current.

Chat GPT claims it is conversational, therefore a logical follow up was asked...

Does the spoon bend?

Is AI The Answer To Our Problems?

The concept of a spoon bending is a reference to a scene from the movie "The Matrix" where a young boy demonstrates telekinetic abilities by seemingly bending a spoon with his mind. As an AI language model, I cannot confirm whether a physical spoon can actually bend through telekinesis or other means, but it is not possible for a spoon to bend on its own without an external force being applied to it. The physical properties of the spoon, such as its molecular structure and physical laws of the universe, would need to be overcome in order for it to bend without any external force.

Fair enough, AI seems to have responded in a manner that can be rated satisfactory. A decent 4 stars for this answer.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Is AI The Answer To Our Problems?

The question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, has puzzled humans for centuries. From a biological standpoint, the answer is that the egg came first. This is because the evolutionary process that led to the emergence of chickens likely involved the gradual mutation of the genetic material of a bird that was not yet a chicken. Over time, these genetic mutations accumulated until a bird hatched from an egg with the genetic makeup that we now recognize as a chicken.

Therefore, the egg that hatched into the first chicken would have been laid by a bird that was not quite a chicken yet, but rather a predecessor or ancestor to the chicken species. So, in a way, the egg came before the chicken as we know it today.

AI actually came through with a reply that makes us want to take this question off the existential list entirely. 5 stars.

How do you perceive space-time?

Is AI The Answer To Our Problems?

According to the theory of general relativity, gravity is the result of the curvature of space-time caused by massive objects, such as planets or stars. In terms of perception, humans experience space and time as distinct and separate entities. We perceive space through our senses, such as sight and touch, and we measure distances using units such as meters or feet. Similarly, we perceive time through the passing of moments and the measurement of durations using units such as seconds, minutes, or hours.

The idea of space-time is a challenging concept to grasp because it requires a shift in our understanding of the nature of reality. However, it has proven to be a useful framework for understanding the behavior of the universe on a large scale and has contributed to significant advances in our understanding of physics and the cosmos.

Deep. Deep. AI seems to be winning. I have given up rating at this point to just grasp the response.

Will humanity survive?

Is AI The Answer To Our Problems?

As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future with certainty, but I can say that humanity has faced many challenges throughout its history and has shown resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. While there are certainly many threats facing humanity today, including climate change, political instability, and global pandemics, there are also many people and organizations working tirelessly to address these issues and find solutions to these problems.

The ultimate fate of humanity will depend on a variety of factors, including our ability to work together, our willingness to make difficult choices, and our ability to adapt to changing circumstances. While there are certainly no guarantees, the continued progress and development of science and technology, coupled with the growing awareness of global issues, give reason for hope that humanity can and will survive.

AI seems to be getting the hang of this line of questioning and responding with a lot more thought than I’d expected. 4 stars.