A Fresh Perspective

Stressed, anxious, in pain, and looking for help beyond the realm of medicine? We spoke to four practitioners of alternative therapies on their modalities and how they can help you feel better, get unstuck, and live fuller lives.

Dan Kumar (@dankumar777)

Psychic and energy healer

Matters Of Faith, Dan Kumar

Danesh, or Dan as he’s known, is a natural-born psychic, with over 18 years of experience in psychic reading, holistic healing and helping people with spiritual guidance. He keeps his practice free of religion of any kind, and uses his psychic abilities to understand areas in which people are struggling, and provides guidance through his readings.

What to expect from a session

Dan can read energies, and can intuit what a person may be in need of or is having issues with by just being around that person.It's almost like I'm having a conversation with their soul, which speaks to me, and then I articulate it in words,” he explains. Once he has identified the cause of issues or patterns, he can provide guidance on the steps the person has to take to overcome them. Another thing he offers is his own unique way of energy healing using music. “It's almost like I am re-energizing the person, taking away anything that I feel is negative and or is making them feel overwhelmed, and make them feel lighter.”

Find him

Dan frequently conducts sessions at Soho House, Mumbai, but also travels frequently to conduct private in-person readings. He’s also available for virtual and phone sessions.

Bambi Mathur (@bambimathur)

Sound and vibration therapist, gong therapist, spiritual psychotherapist

Matters Of Faith, Bambi Mathur

Why use vibration as a medium? “Your body is made of water, and water is the best conductor of vibration,” Bambi explains. “The best example is how whales and dolphins communicate and water from hundreds of kilometers across the ocean.” She uses this along with other layers of her practice, including spiritual psychotherapy, to help people through a range of mental and physical issues, from stress and anxiety to fertility and chronic pain.

What to expect from a session

Each session lasts anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes. You lay down comfortably, and let Bambi guide you through the session. “During the session, what you're essentially doing is balancing and harmonizing your entire energetic system,” she says. When the vibration bowl is placed on your body, the vibrations get pulled all the way down into the core of your body, “right down to your cellular system,” she says. “Wherever there's a traffic jam, mentally, emotionally, physically—the vibrations are so intelligent, they know exactly where to go first—they start to regenerate that instantly. There's no waiting period.” People feel lighter, happier, and even some relief from pain, after a session.

Find her

Bambi conducts groups and private sessions, that can be in person or virtual. You can email her at mandalawellnessjourney@gmail.com

Karishma Kapoor (@karishma_kari_kapoor)

Breathwork therapist

Matters Of Faith, Karishma Kapoor

According to Karishma, “Our entire lifestyles are built around escaping distress or anything that seems unpleasant. We find ways to instantly gratify and soothe the mind, whether it's in our larger interest or not.” This finds its way into our bodies as suppression and repression of unprocessed traumas and negative energies, which eventually leads to a host of issues like insomnia, anxiety and hormonal imbalances. Through breathwork and guided meditation, she helps people peel away layer after layer of coping mechanisms to find alignment with their true selves.

What to expect from a session

Each session is a two hour container, which starts with the client providing medical information and an insight into their current mental, physical and emotional state. They can talk about the issues that are most present for them at that point, or areas of their life with conflict. Through the session, Karishma guides your breathing in a way that helps release any energies that may be blocked at an unconscious level, which people may experience on a spectrum of feeling calm and relaxed, to intense emotional release.

Find her

Karishma hosts both group and private sessions across the country. WhatsApp for inquiries: 09833077297

Priyanka Talreja (@countlessjourneys)

Medium, Akashic Records reader

Matters Of Faith, Priyanka Talreja

“I wouldn’t really call myself a healer; I am a medium,” says Priyanka, “I act as a channel between the universe and whoever needs guidance.” Priyanka’s work spans 10 different kinds of communication, including Akashic Records reading, past life regression, angel card reading and animal communication.

What to expect from a session

Akashic Records are essentially a “cloud” library of all the events, thoughts and experiences of every living being to have existed on earth. During a session, an experienced reader is able to access this library, they can see your past, present and future lifetimes and understand the causes of any current struggles. This allows them to give simple, practical solutions to help you overcome them. Other work that Priyanka does with past life regression and age regression also entail her reading back in time, either to your previous life or to a past point in this life, to understand phobias, suppressed traumas, unexplained health issues, etc.

Find her

Sessions by appointment only. For more details and to check for her availability, WhatsApp her on 09820099916.